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Mrk 284 - Barbara Palomarez

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Essay Preview: Mrk 284 - Barbara Palomarez

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MRK 284

Interview #1


Barbara Palomarez has been a psychotherapist for decades. She is self-employed and runs her own business. Individuals, students, young people, aging people, elderly people, children, couples, and families are all considered to be her most important initial target market. It is basically anyone who seeks guidance, spiritual guidance, and psychological help. This target market would also be considered her gatekeepers. The way she gets referred to is through individual patient, school, hospital, insurance company, and county agency referrals.

Palomarez explains that the perceived needs, challenges, and problems that her market is facing are psychological distresses due to increasingly tense and stressed times. The unperceived needs, challenges, and problems would be all the life traumas and early experiences of the individual that come to light after they've received her treatment. The clients would have improved lives. They would also express satisfaction.

Barbara Palomarez promises a more functional life, higher self-esteem, and a more define life purpose to her chosen potential revenue source. To deliver her promise, Palomarez offers personal encounters and interaction. She has face-to-face therapy sessions as well as chats on the telephone. She doesn't use the method of mail. Palomarez is best at delivering these benefits due to her extensive training and years of experience.

She communicates her message to her target market and all other key members of her network through her work, flyers of services, public lectures, group discussions, public publications, and most of all word of mouth. Palomarez regularly implements her communication plan. Sometimes fees or cost of service have to be dropped when times are rough. The way she measures progress in both success and failure is by looking at the number of clients, reported success rate, and feedback from clients. As a form of success, her clients will sometimes ask her to do group discussions and lectures.



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