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My Fit In Ministry

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Essay Preview: My Fit In Ministry

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PART ONE: My Fit in Ministry (Before):

The path that I had planned on walking before taking this class, was and still is the same, but now I feel even stronger in my relationship with God and more willing to evangelize. I know that I still have a lot to learn from the Lord and when exactly He is going to commission me as an officer of faith and His Word. I am still in the working stages as to where I am going exactly within the picture frame of my pursuit of ministry. I say this because before I met and started my walk with the Lord I was just another face in the church. No activity. No participation. No nothing. I had grown up in the church and have lived my entire life in the church, but never really gave to God what He was expecting of me.

Months before I had decided to start this class my aspirations were to become an officer in the US Army, but I felt something pushing me in my back saying, "Go further." I didn't understand it at the time, but I had always kept in mind the option to become an officer, but as a chaplain, but it never really came to me as something that I was going to end up doing, striving for and working so hard to be. It was God. I knew it. He was telling me that I was worth much more to myself, to Him and to others who have or eventually will be crossing paths with me in the future, to inform them of God's love and His plans for them, military and civilian. Not only would I give my heart and my life to Him and to humble myself before Him, he had big plans for me and that He was going to take me somewhere in the military, in ministry, in faith and in His name. It felt so overwhelming, but amazing. I could just feel it. My God is amazing. So if I had to say where I am involved in ministry now, I would say that I am more involved in my church now, looking to become an actual member contributing what I can to the Lord and His church, stepping outside the boundaries of isolation and evangelizing the Word and becoming more outgoing for the Lord. It's definitely a big change from the months and years prior to my coming to God.

PART TWO: Spiritual Gifts:

Although I feel that I am still in much need for improvement with myself and the spiritual structure and foundation of my ministry, I know that God has and is giving me everything that I need in order to fulfill His plan for me. I have hit road bumps and I admit that, but God is preparing me for what is to come. In taking the spiritual gifts quiz for my own personal study of what I feel God has allowed me to have to share with others, I came upon the ending results that I was strong in evangelizing, administration and compassion towards others when having to addresses their needs, spiritually and emotionally. These three spiritual gifts proved to be strong and stood out from the other spiritual gifts that others might be stronger in. I am 100 percent positive that they fit not only into my ministry path, but also on my career path as well. Like I stated before in part one of my paper, I knew God, I loved God and knew that He loved me, but I allowed myself to be consumed by the deceitfulness of the world and forgot what He wanted from me, which categorized me as just another face in the crowd at the time.

I hadn't felt the change or felt God opening up my eyes until I actually got married to my wife and thank God that she is all the more lovely and Godly. I would have to say that it was then that I felt that He was beginning to work in me and I had never felt anything like that before, so I did what anyone in their human nature would do when they felt uncomfortable about something, and that was to avoid it or brush it off. He never gave up on me and I so grateful for that. Back on to the topic of discussion, I do feel that all three of my strongest gifts were right on and that they are very much present on my ministry path. I do want to acknowledge that I know that God has other gifts that He has allowed for me to have, but it was the spiritual gifts of evangelizing, administration and compassion that proved stronger and I definitely will not refute that. God allowing me to have these three strong spiritual gifts is only preparing me for what to come. They are preparing me for when soldiers and those families of soldiers come to me asking for guidance, I am there to help them and most of all evangelize the Good Word as I stay and remain compassionate to their emotions and feelings.

PART THREE: Church Evaluations:

In evaluating the various church ministries, I found that one of the ministries that stood out to me the most were the ministries concentrating on the Sanctification of marriage and how to build Christ around such a Biblical commitment. Although all ministries are important, I felt a tracker beam was pulling me in. My heart is set on the preparation, dedication and devotion that it takes



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