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My Philosophy of Education - My Future Classroom

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Essay Preview: My Philosophy of Education - My Future Classroom

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Kyle Krout

Philosophy of Education

Ed 110

My Future Classroom

        When I ponder the thought of having my own classroom, it excites me. To be able to lead a class and teach students a subject I am very passionate about would be a dream to me. However, a lot goes into structuring your classroom. I have given a lot of thought on how I want my classroom to be run.

        To begin, the Pennsylvania Department of Education has 5 key domains that are supposed to be implemented in every classroom. As a teacher, we must create an environment of respect and rapport, we must try to establish a culture of learning, we must manage our classroom procedures, manage our students and their behavior, and organize our physical space. The department claims that these are key aspects to a successful learning environment.

Since I want to be a biology teacher, there is going to be a lot of collaborative work going on. I would certainly desire tables and not desks, so that my students can collaborate on not only your typical lab work, but also projects that I would instruct them to do. I believe that working hands-on and creating scientific processes with clay or other materials helps students understand concepts better.

        Creating an environment of success always begins with the teacher. We are going to be the example for our students, therefore we must come in every day to show our students that we are not only ready to teach, but to also learn new ideas for ourselves.



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