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My Room

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My room is a place where people come in expecting to see a typical room but exit with totally different views as they gaze upon a mix of a very soothing design not only for the eyes but also for the whole body and soul. At the moment one enters my room, one is immediately greeted by the mix of cream-colored and deep brown wall paper which instantly gives the person a sense of relaxation and comfort. Consequently, the next step brings the person a new and different meaning of what really a Persian hand-woven rug is because of the softness and the great cloth pattern that both surpasses the expectations of the person lucky enough to see and feel it. To the right, one sees a magnificent array of patterns of gold rings with a blend of a fierce red background lined upon the bed's stand and head. Although mesmerized by the design of the bed, great relief and relaxation is felt when one lays on the soft cushion, which is ready to cure any back pains the person has with its firm yet cozy mattress. Likewise, one will notice the computer desk that boasts an unrelenting design of wood-paneled goodness with a flat LCD screen and a sound system that enables the one who uses it to meet both worlds of reality and cyberspace. Delighted by the colorful design, one sees the cork board beside the computer where its purpose to remind about everyday work and assignments merge with words that bring about enlightenment.



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