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My Take on Agriculture

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Essay Preview: My Take on Agriculture

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                                MY TAKE ON AGRICULTURE

        Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. Unfortunately in the modern days, I feel agriculture is on the verge of extinction. The number of farmers practicing agriculture is dipping day-by-day.

        Let us consider a scenario of a farmer having children. The farmer struggles throughout the day in the fields to yield better crop and to earn money. He spends that hard-earned money mostly on educating his children. Now let us assume that his children complete their education and attain a high profile job.

The farmer grows old and no longer is capable of and is least interested in working at the fields as his children are already minting money. Now the agricultural land is taken care by none. Crops are no longer cultivated on the land and soon the land becomes barren. When the farmer passes away, the land is inherited by his children. They of course don’t use the land to practice agriculture. As they are used to earn lots and lots of money, they’ll most probably sell it to a construction company or any of the MNCs whoever in need.

        The point here is the land which used to provide food to some thousands of people is now unproductive. Such is the situation in present society.

        An Engineer would like his children to become an engineer, Doctors want their children to become doctors but no farmer wishes his son grow to be as a farmer.

        Despite many farmers committing suicides in the country, the government doesn’t take any measures to prevent them. They just declare compensation to be paid to the family of the deceased, but god knows whether it reaches them or not.

        If this situation persists, in the coming years the government has to introduce a job called ‘Farmer’, hire people, educate them, provide land to cultivate by means of some programs like ‘Land acquisition program’ what they’re doing now for the sake of constructing companies and for the development of the state.

        Agriculture should be termed as a science and farming should be done as a job, as long as agriculture is not given importance nothing can be changed. If this situation doesn’t change the world will suffer, people will die out of hunger and I feel that’s one of the worst ways to encounter death. As long as the situation is in our hands the situation has to be taken care of.

Agriculture is our culture, not a profession. Respect it! Encourage it!






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