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Native American - Beltran

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Well my name is Amber Beltran and I believe I am apart of the Mescalero tribe I am all new at this Native American Ancestry stuff . About a month ago I had recently found my birth father and he then told us that we were Apache mescalero chirachua tribe. So now we are researching our family history. We were told we were also relatives of Geranimo. This is all so confusing to me so hopefully this website will help me better understand things. I so far know my dad his name is Jose Beltran and his dad is Jose Jamaca Beltran and his dad is Catrino Beltran and his dad was Candeleria I know one of them was a quevas . I know they were in the New Mexico area. I aslo know they had brothers and sisters dont know how many. Also one of my relatives was in the Army. We are hopeing to find the rest of the pieces to the puzzle sometime in the near futre. This will be an interesting and exciting information for our children and our childrens children to have and to be able to read about and share with others . Hopefully they will continue to pass this info on for generations to come and our family history will continue on. I am very interested on learning on how all the tribes came about and decended into bands and how some of the Indians had to go on the train and some stayed . It is also very sad to hear about how all the people where treated.



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