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New Millennial Voting

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Essay Preview: New Millennial Voting

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Randy Ferguson

        If you were given the option to make a life changing decision that wouldn’t only affect you, but the lives of all your fellow citizens as well, would you? Without hesitation a large percentage of citizens would say yes to making a life changing event that wouldn’t only benefit them, but but their entire community, town, capital, or even the whole country. But surprisingly a large number of millennials simply are too lazy/busy to actually cast their vote or voice their opinion on the poll. I believe millennials are simply too lazy/busy to cast their possibly life changing vote. Going through all the paperwork, and going to a voting booth doesn’t really appeal to the younger age group, but I believe if we made voting less of a hassle and time consuming activity that more millennials would actually vote.

        Furthermore, the problem of voting out of state is a very time consuming procedure. As stated in this article about millennial voting, “Students who go to school in a different state from where they live need to apply for an absentee vote. Then must wait for the government to send back papers saying they are now able to vote in that state.” If you do go to school out of state then you must apply and wait to vote in that state. That would be extremely time consuming for a millennial to vote, if they so wished. Having to wait days, weeks, or possibly even a month to vote in that state is really damaging to the new citizens, possibly even getting the right to vote well after the election has ended.

        Following, the solution to this very time consuming problem is very simple. The state could cut the waiting time down substantially by allowing the citizens to vote in the comfort of their own home. By using their personal computers it would cut out having to drive and wait in a line at a voting booth to cast your vote. The citizen could easily cast their vote in the privacy of their own home and not have to worry about driving to the designated voting center. Another way the government could cut down the wait times on voting if you go to school in different state is they could cut down wait times for citizens who are trying to register for voting in that state. If the state could cut these wait times down it could easily accumulate more votes and possibly change the entire outcome of the election.

        In conclusion, millennials shouldn’t feel like their vote doesn’t mean anything in that election because in reality their vote could easily change the entire outcome of the election. Their vote means so much in elections because they make up the largest generation, and if they believe their vote wouldn’t change anything then it never will. If all the millennials simply voted in the election then they could very easily drastically change the outcome of the entire election.



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