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Newton-Francis and Max Travers

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Essay Preview: Newton-Francis and Max Travers

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Newton-Francis and Max Travers each write two different types of articles; both articles are informative, interesting, but each give different points of view and both articles differ in length and explanation. Newton-Francis article is short, direct and obviously meant for a local, college newspaper. Newton-Francis article is a great read, direct, gets straight to the point of the article and identifies some of the components used for the criminal justice field. Newton-Francis and Max Travers write very unique articles that are interesting on the methods and usage for having a major in the criminal justice field. Newton-Francis and Max Travers articles both give different techniques on showing how to use criminal justice research as major within and for that pacific field of work. Newton-Francis's article Criminal Justice Research and Practice: Diverse Voices from the field demonstrates criminal justice research methods being used in portions (in a three step method, used by individuals already in the field of criminal justice) on what you can do and what can be done with a major in criminal justice as a career path. Newton-Francis article is simply, direct and to the point and broken into three sections (PT1 "Ways to Inquire: Research Methods", PT2 "Inquirers: Professionals, Activists, and Researchers", PT3 "Sites of Inquiry") for readers that want to capture the points and roughly make a quick assessment of the article. The article also gives insight for women within the field and issues they must deal with, to using feminist methods to study males on death and how items ranging from incorporate diversity are used in everyday work. This article gives students exposure and insight in this career field that the students may not even realize existed.

Max Travers article on Understanding Comparison in Criminal Justice Research gives readers a very long look at research methods and telling the comparative fields between philosophical and criminology and how the two work hand-in-hand with each other. The article also identifies the respective areas and gives the pros and cons (so-to-speak) to give the identifying marks for those areas identified to understanding the Criminal Justice Research field. John Hughes and Wes Sharrock (1990) sums Max Travers article by stating "Positivism as a philosophy of social science, while encompassing a range of positions (Halfpenny,1982), sees the aim as finding laws through conducting experiments based on measuring variables in the same way as natural science. Max Travers article is lengthy and very in-depth, making the article at times hard to read, just because the article is so long. Max Travers article is more intended for scholarly research articles meant for more in-depth longer written research shared among the scholarly community.



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