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Night by Elie Wiesel

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Essay Preview: Night by Elie Wiesel

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The One Who Survived

The scent of decaying flesh lingered in the air. Elie new that his fate was to be the same. To burn in the pits of Auschwitz with his Mother, Father, his little sister Tzipora and his two older sisters. It was inevitable that he would die that way. He had already been separated from his mother and sisters, leaving him with his father. They never talked much, but they understood each other now, more than ever. He vowed he would never lose him. Why had God let this happen to his people? What had they done that would deserve this? Children all around him weeping for Gods help. But Elie new that they're pleas would not be answered. The presence of God could not be found here.

The first night in camp was the night Elie had forgotten God. Faith that was once so strong now turned to hate. If there truly was a great and powerful being, why had he turned his back on those who so desperately needed him? All Elie could ask God was to have mercy on his soul.

Everyone was praising Gods name. Why? Because they still had hope. Hope that they would flee this God forsaken place. Hell on earth. Every morning Elie would see the "Angel of death", choosing who shall live and who shall die. Josef Mengele was the right hand of Hitler. Possibly worse. Elie had heard of his experiments on the young that had passed through the Buna gates. A monster. He was no Angel, not even that of death.

Through all this madness, Elie was glad but also saddened that he had his father. Elie recognizes many others from his little town in Sighet, Transylvania. They had also been forced to cram into the cattle cars like beasts, timidly awaiting their fate. He recalls the religious man known as Akiba Drumer who sang joyous songs, and was always in a joyful mood, despite the dreadful situation. This was a man who had faith until the end.

Work in the camps wasn't too difficult. Elie worked in an electrical warehouse under the murderous eye of the ever so violent SS officer, Idek the Kappo. He was a cruel man who often took his anger out on the ones who were caught in his path. Elie recalls a time when his father fell victim to his rage and was beaten with a steel pole. He didn't feel sad but angered that his father had not avoided the Kappo. That's when Elie realized what the death camps had made of him.

After hearing that the red army would soon be approaching, all prisoners were to be evacuated to Buchenwald. They marched for hours, never getting a chance to take a breath. Those who could not keep up were shot like worthless dogs. A small boy marching next to Elie couldn't take another step. He remembers seeing the little child's face as he vanished underneath the marching feet.

They finally took rest in a decrepit brick building. Many falling into a sleep in which they would never wake from. At least



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