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Niti Aayog

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                                                      NITI   Aayog

NITI Aayog -It is a  replacement of Planning Commission . NITI is an acronym for National Institution

of Transforming India. This came into effect on 1 Jan 2015 launched by PM Mr. Narendra Modi .

Name has been changed because from now on it will leave behind all the old strategies and work in

new way to transform  the India and to identify the factors that hinder the growth .

Now the question arises why we needed  NITI Aayog ?  First of all the planning commission which was set up by first prime minister  Jawaharlal Lal Nehru on March 15, 1950  has actually failed to utilize

the country’s resources in order to increase the production of goods and providing employment to people.

Second is , even after 65 years of independence it provided 12 five year plans  and 6 annual plan but

it had failed to achieve what it should have done i.e. the removal of the corruption from the country

,Overpopulation ,Illiteracy , Poverty  , Unemployment , Terrorism, Religious violence, Caste related

violence , misuse of women laws,  Naxalism, Natural disasters had  surrounded the planning

commission  which it was unable to solve.

So in my opinion it would be a great move by Mr. Narendra Modi that he has changed the Planning

Commission to NITI Aayog for good . It will allow the government at the Centre and State levels  to

work together to provide relevant strategic and technical advice . So now because of NITI Aayog ,

Policy will be implemented soon . It would provide a national agenda for PM and CM’s to work in

collectively . It would be used to monitor and evaluate implementation of various programmes and

would promote transparent regime based on technology besides ensuring equitable and inclusive

scheme of things. One such programme is  Child Marriages in India which was under planning

commission and now dealt by NITI Aayog.

It is a great move by Mr. Narendra Modi about this creation of NITI Aayog . We should thank him

that from now on that all the major issues which are hindering the growth and development of our

nation would be sorted out with the participation of centre and all states.



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