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No Now

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The company made a good decision to hire Saege Niele so that she can bring in new ideas from outside. With her previous IT consulting experience, she should know the necessary steps to implement a new system and also unplanned problems that could happen in the implementation process and how to solve them. Although the previous leaders tried to use some of the steps during implementation, Niele needs to dig dipper and follow through the steps such as:

1) Focusing on the company's future vision; what does the company have now and what are the needs. Niele already has hardware available but she needs to do a thorough research for different software products available that would be compatible with current hardware as well as meet the company's needs.

2) Before implementing the system, there has to be thorough testing. Niele needs to have enough employees that are trained to solve any potential problems.

3) Niele needs to involve the other employees in the company. She should not make the same mistake as previous management deed whereby they wrote contract filled with mistakes and did not consult other team members before it was signed. This will eradicate extra expenses on the project.

4) In the written contract, Niele needs to have implementation phases divided with an experienced leader in each phase so that they can train future users. This will make it easier for users to adjust to the new system with less interruption of their productivity.

The way the situation is, MSCC will end up spending more money whether they like it or not.


The company looks that it could start a new promising stage with Saege Niele. Due to her previous experience in the IT Consulting field, she should know all the necessary steps when implementing a new system, and she should have faced important spontaneous problems that could happen in any implementation process. The phases that the company did not follow and that should follow in its new system are as follows.

The company should have a vision of its future and it also has to analyze the real company's needs. After all this previous studies, the company could start investigating the different software products in the market that could fulfill its needs. A decision cannot be made because of the lack of experience of an employee, as it happened with Dick in the DMA's decision. Under the current circumstances and in order to save money, the company could limit its search to the some of the software systems that were compatible with its current hardware RS/6000. It is not the ideal because, it would be rejecting potential successfully software, but it could be a reasonable option. This analysis should be more exhaustive than just a visit of the supplier's headquarters.

An experienced leader has to be designed to lead the implementation. The implementation has to be



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