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Nokia Global Corporate Strategy

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Global Corporate strategy assignment


Over the years, NOKIA has established itself as a leader in mobile phones in the market. The history of NOKIA goes back to the twentieth century when it specialized in digital telephone switches. Through commitment, innovation and creativity, NOKIA managed to merge and become the global leader in mobile telephones.

However the company has recently been loosing its market share to competitors like Siemens, Samsung and apple who have now taken over in the mobile phone industry. To analyze the study and come up with possible remedial actions, a careful analysis will be done to see how NOKIA, in the first place managed to capture the market, what were its key competencies and success factors.

Key Events of NOKIA mobile phones Company:

1898: The finish rubber works was founded

1967: The merger between NOKIA and the Finish rubber works is formalized and create NOKIA Corporation

1981; The NOKIA era begins

1982: NOKIA makes its first digital telephone switch

1994: NOKIA achieves to make the first satellite call

1997: invention of Snake - a classic mobile game

1998: Nokia leads the world

2002: NOKIA becomes the first 3G phone

2005: The Nokia N-series is born

2005: The billionth Nokia phone is sold

2007: NOKIA is recognized as the 5th most valued brand in the world



* Strong research and development

* Maintains strong customer relations

* Extended time leader in mobile industry


* Close cooperation with suppliers and intermediaries

* The growing demand for mobile devices


* Concentrating on only mobile phones and loosing opportunities for other digital devices


* Strong competition

* Saturation in the current market

* Challenges of continuous technological development

Analyzing NOKIA's competencies using VRIO tool:

Value: NOKIA was offering products that add



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