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Nook Vs Kindle

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Landon is a new coming freshman college student. He has been looking at the prices of the college books and realizes that most of his books are online. Landon is a student that is on a tight budget with books. He notices that online books are a lot cheaper than the paperback books. He agreed with himself that he would by an e-reader to save the extra money. Landon is a student that loves to be on the internet, play app games, read books for fun, and watch movies. He also is at school for a long time and wants something small and lightweight. He decided to choose between a Barnes and Noble Nook Color and an Amazon Kindle Fire.

The Nook Color and Kindle Fire are both very popular e-readers. They are both popular mostly for the quality and price. The Price for the Nook Color is 169 dollars and the Amazon Kindle fire is 199 dollars without taxes. The qualities of the both products seem to be near each other with size, shape and how the product works as a touch screen. The size for the Nook Color is 8 inches tall, but uses about 7 inches for the screen. Colors are vivid, bright and mainly used for books, magazines and newspapers. On the Kindle Fire, the height is about 7 and a half inches, but uses 7 inches for the screen. Both of the products run on finger navigation. The Kindle Fire is known for mostly streaming the internet and watching videos rather than reading books. The shape of both products are the exact same. They are both a rectangular shape, but the Nook Color has something that is a little differently than the Kindle Fire. On the bottom left it seems to have a finger handle so customers are able to have a good grip while holding in any position. The greatly big difference that they both have with each other is the appearance. The Nook Color tends to have a gray perimeter with the on and off button on the top left and the volume on the top right. The product also has the head phone jack on the top right for entertainment needs. And if head phones are not the thing for you, there is a speaker in the back. On the bottom of the product has the home for the charger so it does not bother the customer. In the Kindle Fire, it has a plain black sleek look so when you turn it on the main focus is on the screen. The charger, on and off button and the head phone jack are all in the same location. They are all located in the central bottom of Kindle Fire. The speakers are on the top left and right side of the product. Weight is very important for Landon because he would rather carry a couple of ounces rather than thirty pounds of books. The weight of the Nook color is just around 15.8 ounces. The Kindle Fire competes with the weight of their product at 14.6 ounces.

Memory is the biggest quality that Landon needs. The Nook Color has 8 GB of storage; it is able to hold all your apps, music, movies, videos and most importantly books. But the 8 GB can be expanded! Not with upgrades that cost more, but with simply buying yourself a memory card that can be up to 32 GB. The Kindle fire has the same amount of 8 GB, but does not have the option of putting in the memory card, but you can upgrade the product. Landon had explained that he had liked entertainment with music, apps and movies. Now since these are not Apple products both companies are able to have different prices on the apps. Both companies have thousands of apps, and both have millions of videos, movies, and music to choose from. Now both products would need internet service to get a hold of all of these fantastic games and videos. The Nook Color and Kindle Fire both have about the same internet that is only contacted by Wi-Fi. Both products do not have blue tooth or 3G. But as long as Landon is in the radius of Wi-Fi he would be able to catch all the fun in no time! While living with the technology generation, most of us know that internet can be a



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