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Olivia in Bombay

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Essay Preview: Olivia in Bombay

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Identifying the Problem

1. Olivia is faced in this case is how she should handle the knowledge she has of the inhumane working conditions of workers in the factory that her company outsources to in Bombay.

2. Olivia has to determine whether or not and how she inform can her boss of the conditions she discovered while visiting the facilities, or if she should remain silent.

3. Olivia could possibly receive backlash from her organization for disclosing her findings. Disclosing this information could affect her current position and how she is viewed for future assignments.

Olivia needs to advise her employer of the situation that was uncovered while visiting the factory in Bombay. The company could be in the dark as to how the work conditions are, if that is the case and the information becomes disclosed through another avenue, her employer reputation could be tarnished. Not to mention, if it comes out that she was aware and did not say anything she could jeopardize her future. From a view as to how this is important as it relates to the workers, it could very well be a situation were they are forced to work in those conditions and need someone to expose it. There are instances were another country's work standards differ from ours and instances where workers are purely being exploited. Olivia has to consciously ensure that her employer makes a valid effort to address the issue an adequate way. Any socially conscious individual or organization will be obligated to take corrective action, despite the possibility of sacrificing profits.

Analyzing Olivia's Situation

Olivia's situation is one that is common amongst employees around the globe. Uncovering something that not only disagrees with our value system but that could possibly be unethical. What to do with the information, can I make a difference? How will it directly affect me, negatively or positively? The fact that the situation even concerned her solidifies that she feels something needs to be done. Can she rectify the problem herself by opting to not disclose it and foregoing profit by paying more for the services in hopes the factory owners improve conditions, it is not likely the owners would use the difference for improvements. Can she chalk it up as the price of doing business? Through both this course and experience I have learned not to let norms outside of your own define who you are. If you feel strongly regarding a matter, do something to change it. At times whether something is ethical or whether or not it lines up with our values will conflict with our professional lives. We have to be rooted enough in our own beliefs to deal with the consequences of such. There is a reaction for every action. As individuals, when we are faced with matters of values and ethics we have to weigh every option and its consequence.

Three Alternatives

1. Disclose the facts to her employer; by doing this the company Olivia works for may have a strong sense communal integrity and really pay close attention to the labor standards involved in the manufacturing of their merchandise. By uncovering this



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