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Opinions of Both Employee and Employers Rights

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Essay Preview: Opinions of Both Employee and Employers Rights

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This paper will discuss three case studies by giving the authors opinions of both employee and employers rights as well as case law that supports these opinions. In this majority decision the court ruled that a company could be held accountable for the things they placed in their employee manuals. The court also said this could be held even in an at will employment situation. One of the key elements was that the employee had a reasonable belief that the company would follow any corrective action policies in the employee manual. This holds especially true if the manual has a mandatory tone.Why should managers be concerned about developing a reward system? Managers should be concerned about developing a reward system because it can enhanced performance managers can (increase in productivity, improved in quality and improved customer services), reduced cost (lower turnover, absenteeism) and organization enhancements; (increased innovation and flexibility).Also, promote a greater sense of productivity in the company and it can drive motivation principles of each employee. By developing a reward system employers can evaluate performance appraisals on all employees for them to receive compensation and benefits.

What things other than compensation might encourage a person to have a long career with a specific organization? Some other things that might encourage a person to have a long career with a specific company being paid well, liking their coworkers, having job security, or building equity/seniority and having good benefits, such as medical/dental insurance and pensions plans.

* Performance and Recognition identify the leading drivers in employee engagement and retention.

Employee engagement is closely linked with employee motivation but only as such types of motivation are intrinsic in origination. In fact it strengthens the relationship between employee and their work. The employees will give the company their time, their abilities and efforts to support the company in return for the benefits the company provides. A combination of five essential elements needed to motivate, attract and retain employees needed to accomplish the organizations goals. They are: Employee Compensation, Employee Benefits, Employee Work-life Balance, Employee Performance and Recognition and Employee Development and Career Opportunities.

For each driver, explain how it affects employee engagement and retention.

Compensation includes the direct cash payments, indirect payments in the form of employee benefits, and incentives to motivate employees to strive for higher levels of productivity. Development and Career Opportunities focus on development skills to motivate an employee and have different types of enhancements within an orientation. Performance and Recognition to encourage others to improve their goals and to receive feedback. Work-Life: being able to balance



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