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Organization Behavior - Jeevan Raksha

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Essay Preview: Organization Behavior - Jeevan Raksha

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Jeevan Raksha Healthcare Services


Jeevan Raksha Healthcare Services is an organization which caters to the medical needs of public in and around the city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Our primary focus is to serve the people from the lower income group in the villages (about 50-60 in number) around Indore.

We have a very good network of clinics spread across all the villages and a world class hospital in the heart of the city. Our work force consists of 60 General Physicians, 20 Surgeons and Specialists, 200 Nurses and 50 administrative staff. Every clinic consists of 1 general physician and 2 nurses and a ward consisting of 5 beds. Every clinic will also have an ambulance for transporting patients from and to the main hospital. Every clinic will be visited by one specialist from one of the specialization areas (Cardiology, Neurology, Nephrology etc) on each day.

Organization Values

Trust: - As our organization is mainly targeted towards rural areas, trust towards our doctors and staff is an important factor which would make the patients believe in the kind of treatment and services we provide. We would like to ensure that the patients feel comfortable to avail our services and make the best use of them.

Compassion: - As a healthcare service provider, it is imperative that our staff understand the suffering of the patients and treat them accordingly. We would like to ensure that our services are rendered with quality and kindness.

Social Sensitivity: - As a healthcare organization which serves the public, we need to be responsive to the changing technologies, pandemic outbreaks etc. By being socially sensitive we will be able to render unmatchable service to the public.

Equality: - We believe in treating all the patients equally irrespective of their race, income levels, social status etc. We would like to ensure that all the public have a fair opinion on the organization that we are not biased to anyone in any way.

Personality of the organization

Personality represents the culture prevalent in the organization. The personality of the organization should synergise with the kind of work the employees are required to do.

Following personality types represent our organization:-

* Nurturing and stable temperament: - An organization into healthcare services should provide nurturing care to its patients while at the same time certain degree of emotional detachment is also imperative for smooth and flawless functioning of the organization. Employees, particularly medical officers and nurses, should maintain this delicate balance to avoid landing up in a difficult to deal with situation.

* Empathetic disposition: - An organization into healthcare should have a humanitarian and altruistic intention no matter how advance the technology may be. Empathetic and cheerful attitude of doctors and nurses is one of the strongest therapeutic treatments which can be given to the diseased.

* Capability to manage stress: -Healthcare professionals should have the endurance and personality to overcome the stress which can occur due to long hours and high concentration requirements of the job. Our organization strives for stress management using high motivation techniques.

* High flexibility: -Due to the rural orientation of our organization, many a times cross functionality of job would be required by the doctors. This would be more dominant during initial days due to lack of competent man power.

With these personalities we would like our organization to be perceived as an efficient, humanitarian and price effective organization. It should be considerate to all the aspects of the patient experience.

Key Positions in the Organization

Following are the key positions on a broader level. Although a reporting structure is followed in our organization, only information flows across all levels, not power or orders. These key members coordinate with the doctors, nurses and support staff to ensure quality services without any bureaucracy or nepotism. The personality of these members reflects the overall personality of the organization.

Personality traits of Key People

Chairman: Chairman is one of the founders of our organisation and the vision/purpose of existence of our organisation is intact with his perspective on healthcare services in the current society.

CEO: Chief Executive officer is responsible for all the medical activities happening in Hospital and also in their branches.

* Dynamism �€" CEO is expected to be very dynamic and should strive to motivate people working in the hospitals

* Fortitude �€" Since a CEO is consider as one of the pillars of organisation he/she should possess high mental strength to lead his organisation during adversity by satisfying both stake holders and patients

CFO: Chief Financial Officer possesses good knowledge on present financial practices as he/she deals with all the financial activities of the Hospital.

* Honesty �€" In this social sensitive organisation, honesty plays an important role in motivating not only the people under the hierarchy but also



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