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Organizational Behavior Case Analysis

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Essay Preview: Organizational Behavior Case Analysis

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Case Study #1

1. I do not believe the business risk has been escalated adequately. This is going to cost the company $10 million dollars and to say that I was going to leave the office without as much of a word is very unprofessional. It would not be directly my fault, but indirectly since I can stop what is happening. I need to go to Beth and let her know the situation and hopefully Beth can have others in IT who know how to complete the tasks can step in and fix the issues caused by Ben.

2. If I were Kim I would make sure to address this issue with Lucy letting her know that she should address issues like this with me sooner in the future. I would then go and speak with Beth about the situation and see what steps can be taken to fix this issue to have the statements out on time.

3. Lucy needed to bring this to the attention of one of the managers and not just let Ben take the fall for the huge loss that would occur if his shortcomings are not fixed. It is equally Lucy's fault for just sitting in the background waiting and hoping that Ben gets his job done. There also needs to be better communication and as system of checking up on work between Ben and his boss, Beth. If Beth was able to check regularly on the progress of his work this could have been completely avoided.

Case Study #2

1. First, I would figure out why we originally switched from the two older systems to the newer system. If the customers did not like the other two, switching back would be pointless. If the new system was going to do work more effectively, we could see what needs to be tweaked to keep this while mitigating the negative impact on customers.

2. Second, I would either look for a new system that can replace all of the existing systems that will be more customer friendly, or see if we can adapt the current system to fit the customer's needs.

3. Third, I would then get feedback on the choice that was made in step two from the customers and see if this has taken care of the problem or not.

4. I would not hold anything back under this course of action. This is meant to be a swift and smooth plan of action that will be implemented as quickly as possible to make sure that the customers are satisfied as without them we would not have a business.



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