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Paper Critique of Ada and Affirmative Action

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Essay Preview: Paper Critique of Ada and Affirmative Action

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ADA and Affirmative Action

For years, large companies have rules for employees to follow to keep their jobs put. Discrimination of language barriers, race, color, age, disability and much more was simply nothing to beat the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) became effective. This important legislation made numerous changes in all directions for the management, procedures for staff recruitment, ergonomics and new jobs as a human resources specialist. These changes are not only at work but at the level of education as engineers, to better learn and accessible to disabled job design. This document discusses and criticizes the Americans with Disabilities Act and affirmative action from reading and research. Personal views of the ADA and affirmative action are to avoid, with the advantages and disadvantages of these programs that help Americans to be discussed by the laws of discrimination. The problems of an agency that provides access to all clients will be discussed and the impact it has on society, such as the cost of the renovation, avoid prosecution and enforcement of regulations among employees.

This law was the first law protecting the rights of citizens with physical or mental. The ADA protects the rights of people with similar disabilities and human rights on the basis of race, color, sex, age and religion. The ADA provides for equal rights for people with disabilities in employment, transportation, public access and access to all buildings of the state and municipal governments and services. The ADA defines a disabled person as someone who has a limited physical or mental impairment, has one or more major life activities, has seen a record of impairment, or as having such an impairment.

The ADA was designed to eliminate discrimination against those with mental or physical disabilities in regards to employment, telecommunications, transportation, and public services and accommodations. This law is to help ensure that all American people, regardless of physical or mental disability, has a fair shot at employment and other public services. The ADA requires that any business that employs 15 or more employees must make efforts to provide reasonable accommodations such as safe and accessible work environments, readers for those employees who cannot see, allowing for adjustments in the employees schedule to accommodate appointments related to their disability, and other accommodations if necessary. The ADA is not a free pass requiring employers to hire those who are disabled regardless of their qualifications. The ADA simply makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against qualified applicants or employees who are also handicapped.

Affirmative action, called a special effort to promote equal opportunities for members of those groups facing discrimination sure. Underrepresented minorities could any group, especially those defined by race, ethnicity or gender. The



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