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Past, Present, Future of Technology

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Essay Preview: Past, Present, Future of Technology

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                              Past, Present and Future of Technology

        Technology has step by step transformed the way the human race lives, their interests and the way they interact with each other. From the beginning of the time technology has developed greatly. It progressed in communication, IT programming, education and each change or evolve in technology has affected the population of the world we live in. From finding out how to better cultivate lands and improve life skills, to being able to communicate with millions of people around the world just by using a cell phone or a computer, technology has changed human interactions and expectations. Even nowadays the development of technology is increasing day by day and the future seems to be more sophisticated than the one we are using today.
           Technology have evolved along with the human race. Years ago technology allowed the human race to improve and strengthen their life skills by using techniques that increased their opportunities. Besides it has also transformed people from hunters-gatherers to farmers, from farmers to businessmen. With the development of an innovative world of communication, the need of a sophisticated technology became greater, therefore people started to create machineries that would make their world easier. Since then, technology was always part of the business world and not only. The growth and ubiquity of the Information Technologies are two of the most remarkable phenomenon of the past two decades, and provide us with truly jaw-dropping figures to conjure with (Dr.
 Stuart D. Lee, Literature Compass, 2011). Fifteen years ago, when technology had just started evolving greatly, people may have had sympathy for specialists and academics who declared that they are using a machine called “computer” since that time such technology was not as progressive as it is today. Still the use of such technology was not secure as it is nowadays, people did not feel safe logging in into different “computers” because of privacy settings. Only a few people had the chance to use this kind of technology and most of them were academics and the rich ones. Because of the small number, their prices were high and not everyone could purchase them. Regarding education, technology of computers and online searching was only done by private schools or universities, even though they were not in a large number. Others had the chance to only read and learn about them and how they can help the world of communication and development in the future. To connect with one another, people have used different ways of communication such as letters, cellphones or travel all around the world to meet each other and still a reliable communication was hard to be done.
        Over the past ten years technology has played an important role for the society and the world we live in, therefore the way it is used had changed. Everyone uses technology, starting from children and teenagers to adults and old people. Obviously technology in today’s world makes everything easier, therefore it is used not only in the world of business and communication, but also in education and daily life. Despite the past of technology, today it is used not only by academics or the rich ones. Almost everyone around the world has at least a computer or a smart phone with a high sophisticated technology. Something that still remains the same from the past it the fear of encroachment of privacy even though this problems is slowly decreasing. Technology is taking over the society, it is being used in more cases than it should be, even if it is not always the right choice. In this case based on some studies done by Virginia Rose, Kruse (2013) high school students and not only, nowadays are using technology to find out their lessons and copy, more than they are spending time reading and studying. Technology has become our daily companion, and it is hard for our students to envision a life without instant responses from our technology devices (New Yorker, 2014). Anyway, the benefits of technology in today’s world and education should not be overlooked. The learning process is easily improved when technology is used. First, with Internet access in each classroom, it is easier for the teacher to access different information in just a few seconds. This information can be given to the students in a clear, easy to read format as it is possible for them to find it online and research it themselves. Second, students are able to learn more in a smaller time duration and have more sources to search and be based on, not only the book and the lesson they get from the teacher. While teachers are able to be well-organized in how they teach and find more legible online sources for the students. Pals and Plomp (1989) define the use of technology in education in terms of three interacting dimensions: ET1, ET2 and ET3. ET1, centering on physical media developed to assist in the teaching/learning process. ET2 includes processes, used for developing, designing and evaluating instruction. ET3 is attributed a philosophical and holistic orientation whereby problems are analyzed and solved in their own context through a consideration of as many facets and their interrelationship as possible. Social life also plays an important role as a part of technology development since it has made the way of communicating between people much easier. Today they are able to communicate with each other no matter where they are around the world and this has made technology an even more important issue for the world. Obviously technology is step by step increasing its value according not only business and education but also the daily social life.



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