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Paying a Utility Bill Through Internet - Water Consumption

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Essay Preview: Paying a Utility Bill Through Internet - Water Consumption

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Paying a utility bill Through Internet (Water Consumption)

1. Inputs & Sources: After receiving the physical paper bill from your service provider. The user needs

to logon to the Utility Provider's website using his User Id and Password. Once logged in the user

can click on the bill details online-and submit the request instructing the Utility Provider to process the

payment for the same.

2. Processes-After the payment has been submitted the bank account of the user will be authorized.

And the amount that has been submitted to pay the utility provider will go through the Electronic

Clearing Service i.e.( electronic funds transfer from one bank account to another bank account

using the services of a Clearing House).It will also check that the amount to be deducted against the

balance in the account.If the balance is greater than amount to be deducted the transaction takes

place else the user is prompted a message "Insufficient Fund".

3. Outputs &utility provider-with the same amount account with the submitted amount and

credit the Destinations This will debit the users

4. Monitor and Control-Utilitymeter readings", which will detailcustomer's water

Consumption by "remote provider can monitor and control the building's usage on an hourly basis.

This will allow customers the ability to determine if water is being wasted. Discovering and repairing

water leaks when they first occur is the key to saving thousands of dollars per year on your water bill.

Don't wait till bill is send (which may even be "estimated") before realizing that customer building is

wasting water and their hard earned money is going down the drain.

5. Storage From the reading of the meter the utility provider can interpret that at which time during the

day most of the water consumption is happening and make sure water is available for the consumer

always at that time. Utility provider also makes note as how much of water is being utilized by the

consumer. Based on that he may suggest alternatives by which the consumer can save water.



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