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Pedro Alonzo Lopez

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Pedro Alonzo Lopez

Pedro Alonzo Lopez was born in Santa Isabel, Colombia on October 8, 1948 (“Pedro Alonzo Lopez”). “His father, Medardo Reyes, was a member of the country’s right wing party who was killed in La Violencia, the armed conflict of the era that would have repercussions for years to come” (“Pedro Alonzo Lopez”). Lopez’s mother, Benilda, was on her first trimester of her pregnancy with a boy when his father passed away (“Pedro Alonzo Lopez”). His mother was a prostitute, and she had thirteen children (“The 5 most gruesome serial killers & their lives today”). Lopez was supposedly the seventh child among the thirteen children. According to Benilda, Lopez was a very kind person when he was a child, and he wanted to grow up to be a teacher (“Pedro Alonzo Lopez”). Lopez claimed that Benilda was, “physically abusive and a sex worker who was also assaulted by clients” (“Pedro Alonzo Lopez”). In 1957, when he was only eight years old, his mother found out that he groped one of his little sisters. She immediately kicked him out of the house after that (“The 5 most gruesome serial killers & their lives today”). Lopez left and migrated to Bogota, Colombia. This is where he became a “gamine.” A “gamine” is what they call a homeless child there (“Pedro Alonzo Lopez”). “He eventually joined a gang and smoked basuco, an impure form of cocaine” (“Pedro Alonzo Lopez”). While Lopez was out one day, a random man picked him up, and he suggested that Lopez come stay with him because he had a place where Lopez could sleep. However, the stranger took Lopez to a deserted building, and Lopez did not know that until they got there (“Pedro Alonzo Lopez”). When they got there, the stranger repeatedly anally raped Lopez (“The 5 most gruesome serial killers & their lives today”).

In 1958, when Lopez was ten years old, an old American couple took him in as one of their own (“Pedro Alonzo Lopez”). They admitted him to a school for children without parents. He fled in 1960 when he was only twelve years old because he claimed that he was physically abused by a male teacher. In 1966, when he was eighteen years old, Lopez made a living by stealing automobiles, and then selling those automobiles to local car shops. These rebellious activities in his early life, led him to be found and arrested by the police in the later years of his life. While he was in prison, he said he was ruthlessly assaulted by a group of gang members (“The 5 most gruesome serial killers & their lives today”). While he was still in prison, he then later found three of the people that forced him to have sex with them, and he murdered them (Blanco). Lopez murdered those three men with a makeshift knife. It is unknown whether or not Lopez was in prison longer for these murders (“Pedro Alonzo Lopez”).

When he was let out of prison, Lopez commenced a murdering rampage. He focused on killing young girls from the countries of Peru and Ecuador. He more often than not, focused on young girls of indigenous foundation and restricted financial means (“Pedro Alonzo Lopez”). He attracted theses young girls to dark, isolated spaces or into deserted architectures. That is where he abused and assaulted all of them. After that, he killed all of them with a scope of severe techniques, but he primarily used the method of strangulation (Castillo). He killed over 100 girls while in Peru. When he was there, an Indian tribe found out that he killed those innocent people, they trapped him so he could not escape, and they were going to kill him (“The 5 most gruesome serial killers & their lives today”). They also tried to kill him because he tried to kidnap a young girl who was only nine years old. The group was going to try and bury Lopez alive (“Pedro Alonzo Lopez”). Before they could try to kill him, a person who does religious work in other countries from America, negotiated a deal with them to turn him into the authorities instead (“The 5 most gruesome serial killers & their lives today”).

It seemed like Lopez was getting to be too lucky, considering all of his actions that were made. After his kidnapping attempt, “The police soon released him. He said he moved to Colombia and later Ecuador, killing about three girls a week” (“The 5 most gruesome serial killers &



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