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Pella Corporation - Business of Making Windows and Doors

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Essay Preview: Pella Corporation - Business of Making Windows and Doors

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Pella Corporation is an organization which runs business of making windows and doors. It becomes outstanding in the market by paying attention to customers' needs. Most of its windows and doors are custom-made which customers can choose products' sizes, colors and materials to fit their desires. The significant of operation is to getting the right order from customer and cooperating with a manufactory in order to deliver the purchases in time. The primary challenge for the organization is to coordinate sales, service and manufacturing to improve its performance. However, its obsolete and incompatible IT systems were some drawbacks to the organization. Since the legacy applications and systems have not been designed to support each other, it have becoming more expensive to maintain and less reliable.

To solve this problem, Pella implemented an integrated Oracle E-Business Suite platform. Keeping its supply chain running at maximum efficiency, the company automated its purchasing programs with Oracle Procurement. Next, it settled Oracle Configurator, a powerful order-configuration module. Also, it used Oracle Order Management which results in better scheduling, higher labor productivity, and lower inventories. Then, it implemented Oracle Flow Manufacturing with expects to increase inventory turnover and production yield. Its customer-facing operations were migrated to an Oracle CRM solution. The automated system uses Oracle Advanced Inbound Telephony to monitor calls per at Pella's call center. To handle routine order inquiries, it added an integrated voice response (IVR) system to Oracle's Advanced Inbound and TeleService products. Its printed catalog was replaced by Oracle Knowledge Management and integrated with Oracle TeleService and Oracle iSupport. Pella implemented Oracle Sales to track sales and manage leads while implemented Oracle Marketing at its corporate offices. Its migration included Oracle Application Server Web Cache, a technology that accelerates system speeds.

As a result, Pella achieved a wide range of benefits with an integrated Oracle E-Business Suite platform. First, it helped Pella unified the organization by enhancing better decision making via complete business information. Next, its purchasing programs automated with Oracle Procurement helped cutting purchasing time and lowering overall administrative costs. While Oracle Configurator helped Pella speeds custom-made orders by handling different window dimensions without adding a part number for every possible size and shape. Also, it automatically transfers product specifications into factory-ready orders, which shortened manufacturing lead times and helped to compete in new regional markets. Importantly, Oracle CRM solution improved Pella's customer service operations. It reduced complexity and improved consistency through one application, and provided more efficient customer service. In addition, Oracle Marketing helped Pella



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