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Personal Code of Ethics - Responsibilities to Myself

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Responsibilities to Myself

Why is the reason we would want to have a personal code of ethics? In some respects it is a system in which you yourself has developed in order maintain justification for your own thoughts and actions either on a daily basis or will sometime in the future. It is ideas and philosophies that you feel are the essence of your well-being.

We typically learn the code of ethics as we are raised by our parents. We are taught right from wrong. Our parents teach us how to respect other individuals, never show anger or hurt anyone. We are punished for our wrong doings under our parents until we become adults and financially support ourselves. Our parents teach us what is morally right and how to value family.

The code of ethics is a daily reminder and an encouragement of what or how you are going to make of your day or future. What is a personal code of ethics? My personal code of ethics is what I feel is important to me and how I value and evaluate the things I believe in. This personal code of ethics is to summarize what my duty and recognition is of the consequences and what is purposeful. A strategic plan on how I want to live my life. Let's explore this a little further. This personal code of ethics is what inspires me and molds me into being a better person to my friends, family, co-workers, congregation, community and society.

One of the main characteristics of my personal code of ethics to myself is that I try and maintain good physical and emotional health through regular exercises, good eating habits and well balanced nutritional foods. Spend at least a couple of hours a day reflecting on what needs to be accomplished as well as the achievements made. My personal code of ethics is what I expect of myself.

To My Family

I really don't have much of a family to speak of besides my two daughters, so I try and make the most of it with them, learning about what has been going on in their daily life and try and give them both positive advice in how to succeed and deal with peer pressure in a honest way. How to resist temptation; thus rising above wrong doings. I know I have to be responsible for my actions and behavior as I know my children will see and act like I do, and they rely on me. I have to respect others as well as myself without that others will find it easier to take advantage of me. Never tell a lie either, nor change myself for another. My responsibility to my children is to be respectful to them and other around me. Strive for integrity, by being honest, forthright, sincere and reliable to them. Don't ridicule or intentionally hurt them or others. Maintain and instill excellence, positive attitude and loyalty. Don't give into peer pressure, and never allow fear of failure to exist. If raising my children is not done adequately they will suffer and it will reflect back on me as their mother. I realize I cannot protect them from everything, but I can teach them as I was taught what exactly personal code of ethics is.

To religious congregation

At least of twice a month attend church no matter if the children want to go or not. I do this in order to allow myself the time and peace of other around me that have the same morals as I do. I respect that God has laid out a will for me to follow in order to have a good life. For me ethics is attempts of actions in which we can examine and try to understand the choices of ones actions that were made either right or wrong. This is where the religious ethics have set the guidelines and direction in which I would want a better quality of life and for my children as well.

I do not and will not harm another individual with physical bodily harm or with words that might be degrading. I will never steal from someone personally or even society such as the IRS, school or anything in regards to that type of entity. I will never cheat or commit plagiarism while in or out of school. I base most of my code of ethics on the Ten Commandments. With this each of my ethical decisions are weighed and decided on as they occur.

Work colleagues and friends

I work for a non-profit organization that prides itself in advocating for vulnerable adults with disabilities. We constantly lobby on their behalf to protect their rights as well as the right of those that care people with disabilities. By doing so is how I justify myself in doing something for the better good, to make a difference in someone's life other than my own. People with disabilities depending on severely disable they really are, cannot care or speak on their own behalf and that is where I come in. Here is where I would use the care of ethics on a daily basis in order to determine the morality, (Pollock, J.M., 2004, p. 42). I care about the issues that surround people with disabilities and want to make sure they are getting a fair shake when it comes to adequate daily care.

The way to instill ethics in the workplace is by collaboration and cooperation. Much of the time I try and stay away from negative talk against another co-worker unless it involves someone stealing money, or cheating the system such as leaving early or showing up late. On many occasions I have been forced to take attendance but only upon request, only because we do not punch a time clock. I do not do this on a consistent basis unless asked as I do not wish to become a whistle blower.

While in school

While in school I will continue to pay close attention to my own conscience in maintaining what is right and wrong. What I mean by this is be sure to carefully not to commit plagiarism on my assignments and follow the Universities student code of ethics. Don't copy someone else's work and use it as your own, this would have serious consequences. That is why is it important to use the plagiarism checker every time an assignment is completed before submitting. Use the tools the University



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