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Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan

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Assignment Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan

In this paper I will talk about what my eating habits are, how I am exercising and I will also talk about I am going to do to change what I am eating and what I am going to do with how I am exercising. Not only to lose weight but also to have a healthier me for my children and my husband.

The last nine weeks I have been looking what my current diet and exercise habits are and I have learned a lot. Along with that I have read what the USDA Food Pyramid Guide and exercise recommendations. I am trying to change what I knew that I had some work do to stay healthy and to live longer I need to change some eating habits that I have as well as exercise more than I have as well. What I have done is I have combined what I have learned from these resources with my class over the last nine weeks that will help me with my diet, and exercise plan for myself for the next six months and help me obtain where I want to be for a healthier me.(

What I will be addressing the eating and exercising of my current lifestyle and talking about how I will change this to make my life better and healthier. I am trying to eat healthier diet already, but there is always room for changes when talking about eating and exercising. I am not eating a large amount of fruit; this will help me make more choices when creating a nutrition plan. In the winter time I am not eating or drinking many dairy products, which is a big source of calcium and vitamin D. I live in the western side of the United States where the skies remain cloudy in the fall and winter. I am currently working outside underneath a protected cover, so I am not exposed to much sun to maintain vitamin D levels. The rest of my diet consists of different types of meat, whole grains, and some vegetables mostly at night.

Since I work outdoors, I am not exercising on the job. My job requires me to be standing and just using my arms to throw things. I rely on my spring and summer recreational activities for my exercise. The activities that I like to do are hike, fish, hunt, and bike ride. These activities provide some type of muscle movement; though these activities are low-impact they do not increase my heart rate enough to provide my body a cardiovascular benefit. These activities are not particularly high impact and they do not build any type of muscle strength. I need push myself to do my exercise plan and that it includes more activities to increase my heart rate, and to increase my bone density. Some of the activities that I can add are fast walking, stretches at home, and fast passed bicycling all are exercises that will be brought into my exercise plan.

My nutritional goals are simple to meet. I am going to add more fruit to my diet as well as nuts and add more beans as well. Along with that I want to eat less sweets make it twice a week and not every day. Taking healthier lunches to work also make sure that I have the energy to do my job also I need to take more water so that I am drinking enough water.

The other nutritional goals I have is to begin eating a healthier breakfast, and eating smaller meals throughout the day instead of two or three large meals. This should increase my energy throughout the day and allow me to have more strength to exercise. Also this will help me with losing weight that I need to lose. This is hard to do because right now I don't receive breaks I have to work and the breaks I receive I have to continue doing something.

My exercise goals are not as simple as my nutritional goals. My first exercise goal is to begin bicycling to town and back twice as quickly as I currently do. When I wasn't working I would ride two miles into town and back home. I also want to bike ride with my husband. So my family can go do a 10 mile bike ride together. Building up riding my bike will also show my children can go on bike rides together.

My second exercise goal is to begin jogging three days per week. I am going to begin slowly on a one mile course, and increase the distance and speed. I can when I lose weight I will have a much easier time to do this. I will be able to take the family dog for a run and stay up with her as well. With this my children can go and run with me and this can be another good way to my goal.

My third goal is to swim. I was not an active swimmer before, but I cannot do much in the winter time here because they shut the pool down in the winter time. I can swim in the family pool in the summer time and I do look forward to doing this when the weather is good enough to do this. Swimming is excellent exercise, and it is an activity I enjoy.

To meet these goals, I am going to schedule the activities on my monthly calendar. I follow



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