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Pest Analysis

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Select an airline within one region in the same country. You have the liberty to select any region globally. Identify the factors within the chosen airline's business environments that most affected the development and the very first survival of this airline during these current global crises in the past three years and possibly within the next decade. Those factors include, but not limited to, Political, Environmental, Social, Technical and Economic (PESTE).

Identify what plans or actions the airline can adopt to overcome the turbulent times and those influencing factors.

2. By evaluating the airline, generate a report that list down the marketing strategies which made it superior or contrary lagging in the industry.

Focus on the success products that made the Airline load factors improve and brought back financial benefits. In other words, draw conclusions of what the airline's best practice market strategies that achieved the best in class over other major players in the industry in view of the increasing competitive environment.

3. As a supplement to the above point, Assess how well the airline has performed financially during the past three years (2009- 2011), by contrasting yield, revenues (net profit margins) and passenger/cargo loads. What business model they have adopted and has that been successful in their long term strategy? Try to benchmark your chosen airline to the best in class airlines and make recommendations on actions/improvements that the airline could adopt.

4. Internet and researchers books are considered useful reference for subject assignment. All trends and ideas drawn can be based on experts opinions but be careful to reference all of your sources. It is quite essential to gain good marks to mainly be able to identify by contrast the various plans and business strategies adopt by each airline. To that extent, each one of you must research that airline and industry and be able to draw conclusions on best practices for the future of this airline.

You should address issues like increased competition and marketing strategy and effect over financial performance, ticket fares, cost control and profits.

5. Additional marks will be awarded for proper interpretation of financial data analysed and not just attaching to report. As stated previously, all used material, studies and financial figures should be referenced using the Harvard referencing system as provided in class.



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