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Phil 16121 - Is There Life After Death?

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Essay Preview: Phil 16121 - Is There Life After Death?

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Ripudaman Kaur

PHIL 16121

Wednesday, 9 -12

Is there life after death?

What happens once death occurs? Do you believe that after death, you come back as someone or something else? Is death a fluctuation of opposites or is it a swinging of generations? Some philosophers have been trying to study death for many years but the issue becomes unbiased after further consideration. There is no answer for the reasoning of death or where your soul goes when you die. However, there are many beliefs of what happens when death occurs. Some believe that when you die, you come back from the dead as someone else or probably something else. Some others think that there is a heaven and a hell so depending on how much you have a faith in the Lord and believe in what He teaches us will determine whether you are going to heaven or hell when you die.

I would like to examine the question that is there life after death in this paper. First, I explain what Mark, Michael and Juha have written about this question. Juha had found that most of the religions (mainly folk and primitive) had a claim that life continues after death in either one form or another. Religious beliefs are individual's faith relating to supernatural powers based upon cultures. Religious beliefs can or cannot be self-deceptive depending on different perspectives. Juha strongly disagreed with the statement that religious beliefs are at all times self-deceptive since we do not have any strong evidence against them. Afterlife is a very common topic discussed in religious beliefs as most of the religions claim that there is still life after death even though they have different theories for it. For instance, Buddhists and Hindus believe in rebirth which states that when a person is reborn, that person will have some essence from their past life such as their soul. Furthermore many people believe that their actions in this life will affect their afterlife since they assume that good deed will be rewarded whereas bad deeds will be disciplined. Hindus as well as many other religions also believe this concept. With the supposition that behavior in this life will affect the superiority of the afterlife, many individuals think that after death people will go to either heaven or hell. Although human beings expect an afterlife, from the point that death is evil and life is decent, there is nothing more a person fears than his own death. Even if we agree that a person will not suffer in the afterlife and will suffer in their current life, we still



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