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Philippines and American Cultures: New Year's Celebration

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Essay Preview: Philippines and American Cultures: New Year's Celebration

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Philippines and American Cultures: New Year's Celebration

My three criteria for the Philippine and American cultures in celebrating the New Year are the following: tradition, activities and beliefs. The New Year celebrations of these two separate countries are comparable in tradition. Some activities in the Philippines are the same as in American and some are not quite the same. In the Philippines there are many beliefs and superstitions that don't exist in America.

First, one of the associations between the Philippine and American culture is tradition. The Philippine New Year traditions include gathering of the family and having a meal together. Usually, the families gather at night and have a feast together. They prepared a special food called "lechon" or roasted pig. This gathering of family signifies good luck and plenty of production in the following year. After the meal, the families offer their prayers and sing their traditional New Year song called "Tagalog Lang." On the other side of the world, the American New Year traditions are celebrated in the same way. New Year dinner in America is one of the most important celebrations to every family. Families gather together and have a meal together with their special food on the table which is the traditional ham. After the meal, Americans gather around the table or in the living room and talk about their New Year's resolutions. Also, Americans sing their New Year traditional song called "Auld Lang Syne." The Philippines and Americans might be far away from each other, and living on opposite sides of the world, but these two cultures celebrate New Years being together with their heart in mind which is families.

Second, the Filipinos and Americans celebrate New Year with lots of activities in very unique ways. For example, in the Philippines, one of the activities is for each family to come up with twelve (12) round fruits. The first family to come up with twelve different types of round fruits wins a roasted pig. Another activity is a racing of buffalo. At least three in each family will ride together on a buffalo in order to win a prize. Also, the celebration will not be complete without making loud noises such as the banging of pots and pans, whistling, blowing car or tricycle horns, ambulance sirens, church bells ring and the firecrackers to light up the sky. On the contrary, the American New Year activities are very sophisticated. People go out and have a midnight party wearing a gown and cover their faces with masks. When the clock strikes at midnight, then they unmask themselves. Also, the American likes to watch or join a parade called "The Tournament of Roses Parade." Of course, Americans ring in the New Year in New York City, the wildest party of the year with dazzling lights. People all over the world watch the descent of the famous New Year's



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