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Polish Politicians

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Executive summary

This year the annual meeting of the Polish politicians, business leaders, journalists and lobbyists at the southern mountain resort was absorbed by the impact of cut backs and lay-offs due to the slowdown. Since the crisis of 2008 Poland was the strongest economical country in Europe. But this year and the next would possibly be the most difficult for Poland's economic structure since the decline in the Eurozone. The zloty that in past years has being favorable for Poland has now reached a flattened state, leaving Poland's banking system vulnerable to any fall. Poland is one of the four countries whose debt toward GDP is declining; they used their budget on the public sector to evade a recession. Even thought Poland is more expensive than other competitors as Asia, it has the advantage of having the same culture as Western Europe and the same time zone making it attractive for investors. Solutions to bureaucracy are being established because it has affected many businesses by creating unnecessary payments to administrative processes. By creating new jobs the costs of doing business would cost lower and the quality of services would increase. Poland aims to cut spending in expensive Russian gas failed do to Exxon-decision to abandon the country do to its geography and bureaucracy (legal uncertainties). But the government proposed a new regulatory tax that would cover a big percent of taxes. Poland has many advantages that will allow this rapidly emerging country to get out from this slowdown by 2014.



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