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Pollap Mpa Management Plan

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Polle Pieanu Pass

Locally Managed Marine Protected Area Management Plan

Responsible Parties:

Polle Municipality with collaboration with Chuuk Department of Marine Resources

Prepared August 8, 2007


Key issues and decisions; summary aims, approach, and actions

The reasons why the plan was prepared;

Representatives of Polle Municipality had originally expressed some interest in better managing their marine resources. Department of Marine Resources originally had conducted two meetings with Polle Representatives. Based on their interest and input, Department of Marine Resources, proposed a project that involved community outreach. Education, workshops on management planning, and creation of steering committee, which helped formulate this plan. The overall reasons why the plan was prepares was to protect Grouper Spawning Aggregation site at Piaenu Pass along with protection of the associated habitat.

The period of time to which it applies;

This plan is a working plan, as appropriate to adaptive management, which evolves as conditions change. Every year this plan needs to be evaluated for its effectiveness, and changes made based on new research, problems, or successes. This plan will go into effect as soon as Polle Municipal Government approves the plan.

Any special conditions which controlled its preparation including the legislative basis and authority for plan development;

Authority for development of the plan is through steering committee made of various stakeholders, traditional and municipal leaders of Polle Municipality. Chuuk Department of Marine Resources, being responsible for protection of Chuuk's Marine Resources and in charge of protecting Chuuk Lagoon Monument, which includes Pieanue Pass, acted as facilitator in creation of this plan.

The principal provisions of the plan;

Primary provision of the plan involves zoning a core sanctuary/no-take zone, with a seasonal no-take/buffer zone for the Grouper Spawning Aggregation site and associated Habitat.

The estimated budget;




Micronesian Conservation Trust

US Fish and Wildlife

Chuuk Department of Marine Resources

Chuuk Women's Council



People of Polle


INTRODUCTION - Define the purpose and scope of the plan; explain the legislative or other basis and authority for the plan's development; summary timeline of plan development

Two and half years ago, representatives of Polle Municipal Government asked Chuuk Department of Marine Resources for help in Conservation. Pieanu Pass had been designated as an "Area of Biological Significance" or "ABS" under FSM National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plan for its significance of being a grouper spawning site. Site is under the jurisdiction of Chuuk Department of Marine Resources and is considered part of the Chuuk State Lagoon Monument. Dept of Marine Resources personnel department conducted some community meetings with municipal representatives and other stakeholders in 2005/6. Based on their inputs, their interest in preserving their natural resources, designated as an "ABS" site, departmental staff decided that this area would be a good candidate for creation of a marine protected area.

Overall Purpose of the plan is to sustainable managing the Polle Pieanu Pass ABS site, to protect surrounding habitat, and last to protect a grouper aggregation site that is in association with the pass. It was decided that best way for creation of MPA with advice of regional conservationists though drafting a management plan. Management Plan is to guide and lead to effective management of the MPA. Plan will help guide needs, activities, and protection of the MPA.

Spring 2006, Department of Marine Resources applied for a grant through Micronesian Conservation Trust, project as approved in late summer. Educational meetings with 5 different villages began in December 2006. By end of February, the village meetings had finished and initial workshops had started. An oversight committee of key stakeholders from Polle was created to help with creation of the management plan. Key stakeholders included municipal leaders, traditional leaders, religious leaders, teachers, fishermen and women. During middle of March there were municipal and state elections, and workshops were put on hold. In May, workshops resumed and by July, basic components of the management plan had been agreed to by the oversight committee.


(a) Location and governance:

Location and size of the area:

Pieanu Pass - 24 square km

The purpose of the area (why was it created):

To protect Grouper Spawning Aggregation Site and associated Habitat

The legal status of the area:

Part of the Chuuk Lagoon Monument.

Who has the legal authority to manage the area:

Chuuk Department of Marine Resources has legal authority to mange deep areas while Polle Municipality has authority to manage reefs and shallow areas.

The current management system

Though part of the Chuuk Lagoon Monument at present it's



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