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Pool by Corey Campbell

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Essay Preview: Pool by Corey Campbell

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When you grow up, you have a few goals in life: graduate, get a job, start a family, continue your bloodline, usually in that order we do this not because we truly want it, but because it’s what’s expected from us. These people aren’t together due to love, rather for the sake of not being alone. It takes you through the sacrifices of having kids. Read more about it in “Pool” by Corey Campbell    Have you ever been in a relationship where u knew it wouldn’t last This text goes into the mind of Darla, who might be pregnant, and there are two couples, one married. We see how they see them-selves, having kids, and other things the norm of society would make them think about. The main theme of the text is community pressure, and how it makes people do things they otherwise wouldn’t have done. Being with a partner for too long can make it stale. will Darla and Trevor give in for their desire towards each other?.

Darla is very observative and thinks a lot about the smallest things and details “she counted more than 64 photos of a child on the walls” (p. 1, ll. 1-2) Darla is also a shy and humble person. She never asks for anything, never gives long answers. She wants to be in an environment where she feels comfortable. But she is too shy to speak whatever truly is on her mind, and just does what she is told. When she is in the room with Trevor she thinks it feels good to get touched by another person. Darla doesn’t seem like the type who wants to go out much, she does not want to drink alcohol when Jon asks if she wants a zip. Darla didn’t want to go to the pool party, Jon dragged her there.

Jon is the dominant person in their relationship, Darla is the obedient person. Darla is too shy and just holds back instead of saying anything back to Jon.” What she liked best about him, Darla had realized earlier in the car, was that it wasn’t going to last, so she didn’t have to care that much really” (ll. 11-13) After the condom splits Jon takes her to expensive restaurant. it feels like that she’s more of a trophy to him, than a person he loves and cares about. I think that because Jon’s friends are getting kids and married he needs to do the same. Jon ask if she wants a zip of her beer she says no alcohol cause of the pills only worked 99% of the time. When Darla gets sad Jon just leaves her alone cause sadness make him feel helpless. Darla sees Jon as immature, irresponsible and not ready to be a father or husband. Darla never counts how much he drinks she just knows when she must be the one driving home. She can’t see them being a longtime relationship “she thought of quicksand, if she was being dragged under Jon would just stand there and give the same shrug” (p. 11, ll. 138-139). Jon doesn’t seem to be emotionally invested in Darla, he never cares when Darla has mental problems.



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