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Potential Risks - Security, Privacy, Compliance

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Essay Preview: Potential Risks - Security, Privacy, Compliance

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“Cloud computing is a computing model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources as networks, servers, application, storage et cetera that can be rapidly provisioned and release with minimal management effort or cloud service provider (CSP) interaction” (wand et al., 2015, cited in Zhou et al., 2017, China communications china communication). This trend has come as a revolutionary method to allow companies to reduce their local infrastructure investment, the possibility to have geographical access to their data as soon as internet is accessible. Everyone in our day to day life is using cloud computing via e-mail, Dropbox, iCloud, google drive, etc. However, today’s life is easier when saving phones or computer backup to the cloud, it’s more easy to recover the data if the item gets crash or upgrade the device; but there is no medal without a setback, security and data compromise is one of the biggest challenges faced by either the CSP or the client. In the below paragraph, we will discuss the risks might face the CSPs and some measurement both side (CSP and client) can adopt.

Security is one of the major problems encounters with cloud computing. Do not keep your data locally and leave it to manage by a third-party is not an easy decision-making. As a client, you need to trust the company you will entrust your precious data. The Asian company Cloud Syzygy has offered different cloud services and thereby exposed the clients to several risks and attacks. On 2016, Albugmi, Alasssafi, Walers, and Wills have participated in a conference "the FGCT" where they have pointed out that “It is very important for the cloud service to ensure the data integrity, privacy and protection” for the clients. (Albugmi et al., 2016)

CST by providing cloud services might face several security risks like:

- Secure data transfer (All the traffics are travelling via internet, intruders can easily intercept packages while transferring)

- Secure software interfaces (the Cloud Security Alliance – SCA recommends that you be aware of software interfaces, or APIs, that are used to interact with cloud services.

- Secured stored data (data transferring to Cloud should be securely encrypted.



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