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Prince Edward Island - Case Assignment: Global Business Policy

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Essay Preview: Prince Edward Island - Case Assignment: Global Business Policy

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Case Assignment: Global Business Policy

Please follow the format provided in the course syllabus in your write up of the case

Read Case 5: Prince Edward Island Preserve Co., on page 502 of the course textbook. Then answer the core question using the format provided in the syllabus.

* CORE QUESTION: Given the resources available, the company's financial position, and the competitive environment, what might be done to improve current organizational efficiency and effectiveness, and what growth opportunities are available to the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company?

In answering the core question make sure all the issues raised below are covered in your analysis:

1. Prince Edward Island Preserves Co. (PEIPC) has expanded to include several products utilizing various distribution channels. In fact, there are now two distinct divisions within the company: a) Manufacturing and Retail and b) Restaurant Operation.

a) Identify key resources being utilized for current operations. Using the VRINE model, evaluate the resources identified above related to how likely they are to contribute to competitive advantage for PEIPC.

b) What, if anything can PEIPC do to protect or increase the competitive edge of the resources you have identified?

2. Use the information from the case to consider internal and external factors affecting PEIPC and develop a SWOT analysis for the company.

3. Bruce MacNaughton has asked you/your team to help him evaluate strategic options for the Prince Edward Island Preserve Co. Use the analysis you've conducted above and your general knowledge of good business practices to create recommendations for MacNaughton to consider. MacNaughton has introduced two ideas of his own and your analysis should include a critique of them as well.



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