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Psa Company

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* PSA professionalism and its ability have cluster related services ranging from logistics software to security control to stay ahead of the competition.

* PSA is a leader in developing and implementing technology to improve port efficiency. PSA developed PORTNET®, a port community system that allows shipping lines to secure needed berths and marine services quickly and easily via the internet. Another key proprietary technology developed by PSA is called CITOS, or Computer Integrated Terminal Operations System. CITOS plans and directs every activity performed at the port terminal and relays instructions on computer screens to truck drivers on the docks about where and when to move cargo.

* PSA's port management technology has export its systems to ports overseas. PORTNET®‚ is being installed at ports in China, Italy, Seattle and South Africa while CITOS has been exported to ports in China and Yemen, among others.

* PSA provides every shipper through Singapore a choice of 250 shipping lines with connections to 600 ports in 123 countries. This includes daily sailings to every major port in the world.

* Singapore's strong social cohesion and greater operating efficiencies also mean that shipping lines and shippers won't have to worry that their cargo will be held up by unexpected labour strikes or other costly disruptions. Historically, union-management relations at the Port of Singapore have been excellent. This point operational reliability may be regarded by shippers as a major reason for choosing the Port of Singapore and PSA Corp over other ports in Asia, even when unit labour costs may be marginally higher.



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