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Psy 535 - Multicultural Competency Paper

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Essay Preview: Psy 535 - Multicultural Competency Paper

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Multicultural Competency Paper


May 21, 2011

Vicki Carter PhD

Multicultural Competency Paper

Guidelines are necessary for psychologist to follow and how an individual is to be treated fairly and with respect. Guidelines set boundaries for a psychologist and assist in putting one's bias, personal belief and values aside in order for him or her to perform the best of his or her ability for the client. After reading the guidelines in the selected article, a description of personal biases, attitudes, knowledge, strengths, and weaknesses of an individual's cultural difference is discussed.

Guidelines One and Two

In guideline one, psychologists need to be more sensitive toward his or her own attitude on culture and how he or she perceives another's racial and ethnic heritage and identity. These include gender socialization, socioeconomic experiences, other identities that predisposes psychologists "biases and assumptions of themselves and others" (American Psychologist Association, 2003, p. 382). The importance is that psychologist must learn the differences of culture and how each shape worldview. This means, psychologists are to understand the different facet of one's culture, which an individual prefers to be independent and making his or her own decision to the way he or she wants to live (APA, 2003).

In guideline two, psychologists are advised to gain knowledge of, appreciate worldviews, and responsive to those whose race and ethnicity differ from themselves. Psychologists are also encouraged to understand the aspect of those who stigmatize him or her as a member of a culturally devalued other group (APA, 2003). This includes experiences on a day-to- day basis as well as an awareness of negative values, discrimination, and prejudice in his or her group. The way one is threatened because of the discoveries of a consistency in a racial/ethnic stereotype, which means an uncertain prejudice or individual behavior is stigmatizing by "comments and outcome" (APA, 2003, p. 385). Psychologist needs to be more responsive in communicating with clients in a minority group as well as gaining greater knowledge and understanding of the cultural practices of clients, this way clients will not have the feeling of being chastised or discriminated upon.

Biases, perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs

My personal bias and perceptions I had to overcome was growing up that all men were just like my father who is from Puerto Rico. He was an alcoholic and abusive, which were a belief and an attitude I had toward all men in the Hispanic group. Watching him angry at my mother and throwing items out of the house, was unfortunate. I did not want to date anyone who is considered



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