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Essay Preview: Puncuality

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3.2 Punctuality

“Have you face the problem of not being punctual among employees?” is one of the interview question about punctuality. The manager, Mr Michael Ching told us that there are punctual problem among employees. Few employees often late to work but they would not absence. Most of them are late to work around 15 minutes. In this case, he mentioned that 15 minutes late to work still in the acceptable range of time.

Next, we asked the manager that “How often this problem appear?” The manager said that almost every day have some employees late to work. But they still considered in the acceptable range of time. He mentioned that most of the employees are responsible to be punctual to work. Overall the tasks are well performed in time.

Besides that, we also want to know that “How do you control the punctuality of the employees?” from the manager. The manager told us that he applied the punch card system and give appropriate awards or punishment to the employees. He said that the system will effectively motivate the employees to be punctual to work. For example, those who be punctual for every day will be award with more bonus, while, those who late to work for 5 days and above will be deduct salary for punishment.

Furthermore, “Will this problem bring any negative effect to the company?” also one of our concerned issue towards the company. He mentioned that there would be unable to complete the tasks or jobs in time if the employees are late to work for an unreasonable time. This case would cause loss to the company and the reputation of company may be drop due to delay of their services.

Lastly, we also asked him that “How do you solve the negative consequences of this problem?” The manager said that he will enforce overtime to employees who unable to complete given tasks in time. The enforcement of overtime can be after working hour in working days and weekend/public holidays. Besides that, he mentioned that he will delegate partial task to other department to speed up the progression of the task. Furthermore, he said that he will conduct counselling to employees to improve the right working attitude of employees.



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