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Pvr Ltd. the Entertainment Industry

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        The entertainment industry is the business which is concerned with films, music, television etc. It includes segments which are smaller like radio, music, animation, gaming and visual effects are also known as VFX and internet advertising. In India, entertainment industry is one of the fastest growing industries from last two decades. There is a survey report saying that in Indians are likely to spend more on the entertainment. Their objective is to provide cinema to the public. Compared to other industries the entertainment industry is growing very fast.  

        Entertainments like storytelling, music, drama, dance etc. were existed for centuries. Many people prefer different types of entertainment. Entertainment is defined as which holds the interest and attention of audience and also which give delight or pleasure to them. In modern day the entertainment is recorded and sold for the public for example film, or sometimes it is performed in live for example concert, dance etc. Entertainment started when there was festival, celebration, ceremony, satire etc. in olden days, when days passed it turned out to be business.

        There are two type of roles in which audience can take one is passive role where he or she can watch a play, another role is active role where audience can take part in the performance. Storytelling was the earliest form of the entertainment which was used. Storytelling has been evolved and developed into different forms like introducing music, enacting, script etc. According to the changes in the technology, economic, cultural change in the India the venue and entertainment are also changed. Live performance was given in the earlier days, later audio and video was introduced. Drama, skit was widely used in the earlier days. Nowadays due to technology, fashion, trend, economic these entertainment has been changed according to that.

        Today in India, entertainment has become business where in audience should pay for the performance done by the entertainer. In entertainment majority people prefer the movie; it is watched by the most of the people. Animation, 3D movie are also new technology introduced in the movies. Due to the success of the entertainment, it has led the way for education in the entertainment field. Many institutes have started to educate people how to entertain the audience.



Media industry in our country is very vast and diverse due to different religion, language etc. Electronic media is penetrated in India. By improving infrastructure and affording of computers the on-line media is also growing in the market. In India, the scope of the entertainment industry is more comparing to the other industry. There are following facts about the entertainment industry in the India. They are:

  • In 1780, print media was established. The first newspaper published in India was during British rule is “the Bengal gazette”.
  • In the year 1950, there were about 214 newspapers in the India where 44 newspapers were English newspaper.
  • In 1927, radio broadcasting was started in India.
  • The radio club of Bombay initiated the radio broadcasting.
  • In 1936, akashvani was started in India.
  • In 1977 at Madras, the first FM broadcasting was started.
  •  On 15th December 1959 the makeshift studio of Delhi started broadcasting television.
  • In 2010, India has over 500 channels broadcasting their program to viewers.
  • The Indian film industry has earned $1.9 billion in revenues in 2010.

The above fact shows that growth of the media industry. With the access of electronic media the large number of population it represented the growth of the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry is in the mood point, which helps it to grow globally. Using technology in this industry the quality and the services has been improved. It provided the economic growth in our country. Entertainment industry has plays an important role in India. Even government has been supporting the industry since from many years by introducing new policies, acts etc. The evolution of the industry shows the growth, sustainability, changes like introducing new things. The audiences likely prefer to get more entertained in different forms. Using technology in the industry there is tremendous growth in the industry. People nowadays prefer watching movies a lot. Growth of theaters is also more in our country.



Many movie theaters have converted into organization and given employment opportunities to many people. The fastest growing segment is entertainment industry. About the growth of 11.8 percent has been witnessed in 2013 in entertainment industry. As per a FICCI-KPMG report, India’s entertainment and media industry reached 161 million television households, 94,067 newspapers, about 2000 multiplexes and 214 million internet user, of which 130 million access the internet on their mobile phones.

 US $5 billion as estimated market size, the 14th biggest advertising market globally is India, as per the Gunn report in latest edition. A CAGR of 27.7 percent (by 2018) is witnessed by digital advertising. On the digital area in future the India’s entertainment industry will support it. With growing internet user of over 200 million, the industry have potential to generate revenue is very vast. In 2013, to generate revenues telecom companies started focusing on data. To acquire the social media and digital domains advertising agencies compete with each other. These developments suggest a good future for the entertainment industry in the country.

India is one of the highest spending and fastest growing advertising market globally.  In 2016, the country’s expenditure on advertising is estimated as 15.5 percent and is expected to grow by 11.2 percent in 2017, based on various media events. The highest share of spending is television segment and it is expected to grow by 12.3 percent in 2016 and 11 percent in 2017.

The foreign direct investment (FDI) it inflows the information and broadcasting (I&B) sector (including print media) in the period April 2000 – December 2016 stood at US$ 6.3 billion, as per data released by department of industrial policy and promotion (DIPP).      



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