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Race & Ethnicity

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After researching and looking through many different websites on the topic Race, and ethnicity trying to come up with the perfect definition was not easy, But from my studies I have come to the conclusion that race is the color and language spoken by each individual. To some there are even obvious signs that we as humans can view to tell the race of a friend or colleague. For Example: the hair on their heads, or the shape of their eyes. When it comes to a person Ethnicity it is a basic break down behind an individual's nationality or race and there cultural patterns, unlike the term race our ethnicity really defines who we are and where we come from, it is also what sets people apart from each other and forms the term Ethnic groups.

In today's society the concept of race and ethnicity are very important. It defines who a lot of us are and how well we interact or can interact with others around us. I live in New York City where there are many different race and ethnicity, and they all value their ethnicity as well as their race. You tend to find that in the city you can see a greater population of different ethnic groups in each borrow some more than the other, because people tend to draw to what they are Narrator: as I was walking to work one day I ran into an old friend name Sheldon from high school. He wanted to know what was going on since we both last walked across that stage and took our diploma from Mr. KnickBocker, we laughed at that fact of Mr. KnickBocker as we started our walk down the street.

I told him I was working two jobs but I just started my first two classes at Axia College.

Sheldon laughed as he turned his head and said you never use to like class and your back in another classroom.

I told him "I thought the same thing as well until I was instructed that I have the option of having all my classes totally online rather than in a boring classroom setting and that I would be able to have asynchronous communication simply meaning I won't have to be in at the same time as the rest of my classmates".

Sheldon was shocked due to the fact that all his classes he had to wake up early and walk to or take the train to and listen to his instructors go on and on. Then he asked "how did you lucked out on that, how is that working for you though?"

I then explained to him "it working out great I get to go to work full time still and don't have to worry about missing class or having to schedule my class times around my work schedule. I just jump on the computer when I get home and log into my forum, for the day or week this is where my instructor and my class mates log into its what you would call your class room only in online world".

Sheldon stopped me dead in my track and started saying "I need to look into seeing if my school does



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