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Race and Discipline

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Essay Preview: Race and Discipline

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Race and discipline could also lead to deviant behavior. Black and Hispanic parents usually beat their kids when they do something wrong which could lead to them doing the same thing with their kids but possibly worse. There is also religion conflicts which could to deviant behavior. Jewish and Muslims cannot be put in a group together because of the hatred that they have for each other. muslims are also known for their terrorist organizations. Kids in Muslim countries are forced to be apart of these organizations which make them kill people. Not only Muslim countries do this, other countries also force kids to do bad things. Everyone has different expectations for their kids. For example Indians always want their kids to be doctors so there’s always this pressure on them when they were growing up. They have to be these perfect students and they can’t go after what their heart desires. It always has to be with their parents which can lead them to rebel and this causes deviant behaviors.

Family plays a huge role in deviant behavior. If kids grow up being abused, they were rebel against their parents and anyone who request anything from them. This will also cause them to abuse their kids if they have any. If parents do drugs and commit deviant behaviors, kids will follow because they think that it is fine for them to do it too. If the parents are always out and there is no supervision, kids will do whatever they want because there’s no one there to tell them no if they do something bad. There have been some cases where the parents value the significant other instead of the child which means they obviously weren’t ready to have a child. Kids become angry because they don’t have that attachment with their parents. Helicopter parents can also lead to deviant behavior because they constantly hover over their children and control them. So finally when they don’t have these people constantly looking over them they do whatever they can not realizing that something might be bad. Divorced parents can also lead to deviant behavior because if kids are at an age where they understand what’s going on they will become angry because they want both of their parents to be in the same household. Sometimes one parent will try to bash the other just to get their children to like them more than the other. Kids don’t take divorces easily and this can cause them to do bad things because they become very angry and upset.



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