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R&b (rhythm and Blues) and Hip Hop

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Essay Preview: R&b (rhythm and Blues) and Hip Hop

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Music, an art whose realm resides within the magical ubiquitous space of impassioned creation, has left its footprints from its historical voyage till its high-profile glamorous entrée at present. The diversity in music that is seen, known, or rather heard serves a contribution of varying genres. From classical folk to contemporary heavy metal, our lives experience the effect of every genre of music, or at times, it is the genres of music itself that is affected by our lives. Evolution, improvisation, and innovation are ceaseless processes that mould the several genres of music every moment in search of a new melody, a new rhythm, of a new string of words. The genres of music change from country to country, from culture to culture, and from music to music, regardless of its adaptability. The difference is expressed once two kinds of music are compared and contrasted, for music is like the palm of a new-born child, although the fingers look identical, differences persist, like they say, all the fingers of the palm are not the same. In modern times, the different mix of people listen to a different mix of music, where some are addicted to R&B, the others are found to be fans of Hip Hop. R&B and Hip Hop are two unique musical genres with some very similar aspects. By tracing the origins, it is evident that there is a certain relationship between these two radically different and immensely popular types of music. By examining certain key aspects in the history and style of R&B and Hip hop - the roots of these types of music, the pioneers of these musical genres, the content of the lyrics - one is able to understand how these two seemingly different types of music share many fundamental similarities.

In aim to compare and contrast these two genres of music, it is clearly portrayed that they coincide to some extent and yet diverge at the corners. To the general audience, the tunes, lyrics, and even beat of these two genres may seem alike to some extent, but when heard keenly to each note, taking their backgrounds into account, the "near twins" can be told apart easily. The cradle of R&B is the Mississippi Delta region; music pioneers from three cities greatly influenced the development of the R&B genre: Chicago, Memphis, and New Orleans. On the other hand, Hip Hop birth was amidst the hustle bustle of the Big Apple, New York. The genres themselves differ in the sense of context that is how these two would be defined. "Rhythm and Blues", or R&B as it is now known as, is one of the popular music genres present in the musical world today, from Earl Connelly King to Sean Paul, combining jazz, gospel, and blues influences. The term was initially used to identify the rocking style of music that combined the 12 bar blues format and boogie-woogie with a back beat, which later became a fundamental element of rock and roll. Rhythm and Blues was used as a blanket term to describe soul and funk, but gradually the mainstream use of the term referred to a modern version of soul and funk-influenced pop music that originated as disco became less favorable. On the other hand, Hip hop music, also referred to as rap or rap music, is another style of popular music which came into existence in the United States during the mid-1970s, and became a large part of modern pop culture during the 1980s. It consists of two main components: rapping (MCing) and DJing



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