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Reagan's Speech Case

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Essay Preview: Reagan's Speech Case

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President Reagans "The Evil Empire" Speech to the NAE was an astounding speech. I love how right at bat he uses an attention getter, which moved all his audience, including myself. He delivered the Saint Peter Joke brilliantly to the point that I got very interested in his speech. This made the speech to be a Charismatic one, like a good preacher preaching a great sermon.

He definitely established his character by quoting the late President Abraham Lincoln by quoting

He established his credibility by letting his audience know that he hold the same values as they do. He barely looked at his notes, which registered to me that he definitely knows the topic, and it is very dear to him. He expressed how the issues we faced could be detrimental to our future generations.

I believe President Reagan used a Pathos approach in his speech. For he mentioned the First amendment which most Americans hold dear, and he also mentioned communism which almost everybody despise. He talked about issues which most people hold close to their chest, sensitive matters.

I believe the theme in this speech is how evil and immoral this great Nation of ours has become, and he took time to remind us that we should all remember that our fore-Fathers founded the Nation under Christian Values. Which he pointed out that our moneys have "In God We Trust" written on them, and our nation has become desensitize to it.



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