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Real Life Application Guidelines

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MBA 2010 - COHORT 6

First Term (Sept, 2010-Feb, 2011)

Real Life Application (RLA)

(Equivalent to Sessions 8-10)

Nov. 2-10, 2010

In a world that is constantly changing, there is no one subject or set of subjects that will serve you for the foreseeable future, let alone for the rest of your life. The most important skill to acquire now is learning how to learn.

John Naisbitt


First of all thank you very much for seven engaging HBO sessions with all of you. From the dialogue among the four generations of workers to the most recent "I see, I think and I feel" vis-à-vis the case discussion of Work and Hobby of Billy Bonzai, you made me realize "there is a different way of teaching and learning HBO that is worth it."

This RLA equivalent to three sessions of HBO is a "purposive pause " in our collective learning journey. Your learning space/field must move outside the Meralco case room--now it's the whole learning community of AIM and beyond.

The main objective of this RLA is for each of you and your Learning Team (LT) to reflect and apply the lessons of the following topics, tools and reading materials:

1. Self-Assessment: PSI, MI, AIM-EIM, Process Observation and Analysis (POA)

2. Reading notes:

a) Chicks Sent Me High (CSMH)

b) What To Look For in Groups (WTLFG)

3. Three chapters from the book: Transcultural Leadership: Empowering the

Diverse Workforce

a) Chap. 3: Your Mouth, Your Tiger (YMYT)

b) Chap. 4: Mastering the Unspoken Language of Culture (MULC)

c) Appendix A: Culture's Continuum: A Model of How People Think,

Work, and Relate to Each Other (CC)

(Note: Please read these materials carefully ensuring that your comprehension is deep. In the succeeding parts, I will use the acronym enclosed in parentheses when referring to a particular topic/tool/reading material.)

RLA Level 1: SELF

Reflect on the following questions and answer them in your blog or learning journal:

1. Putting together the information of PSI, MI, and AIM-EIM, what are your top three areas of strength and top three areas of growth/improvement. How does each trait (strength or weakness) manifest in your self-study sessions, engagement with your LT and CP in your classes? Give specific behavioral descriptions. You can even cite incidents and situations.

2. What is your Plan of Action (PLOA) in harnessing your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses so you can maximize your learning on the 3 levels (self, LT and class)? Be very specific. Provide timetables. If you have implemented this PLOA even before describe your implementation plan and give progress report.

3. For the RLA Level 2 and Level 3 activities (see the next sections), you will again make blog or journal entries based on the following questions:

a. What are my most significant insights about myself based on my participation and feedback given my LT in these activities?

b. How did I harness my strengths? Overcome my weaknesses? To maximize my participation/contribution?

RLA Level 2: LT

1. Reflect on your following behaviors and analyze their implications in your behaviors as a member of your LT:

a. How will you describe your behaviors and contributions during the Engagement Team sessions from the time you prepared the stimulus questions up to the time that you were called to engage the class in front ( if you were called)? What were your thoughts and feelings during the whole HBO class then whether you



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