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Rebranding Godiva: The Yildiz Strategy

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Essay Preview: Rebranding Godiva: The Yildiz Strategy

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Assignment 1: Rebranding Godiva: The Yıldız Strategy

Shuyang Chen

  1. SWOT Analysis


Appointing new board members who are retailer veterans

Change in selling place (food outlets)

Experienced marketing chairman

Strong distribution and merchandising ability

Good intellectual property

Ability to rapidly close complex deals


Lost ground of North America since 2008

Expensive price setting

Difference between Yildiz and Godiva management group

Heavy invest in company's specialty stores

Ignorance in global market

most expensive chocolate bars in the FDM channel

failed to serve the U.S. mass premium market through FDM


Increase of global chocolate requirement

Industry inching up to “premium,” higher-priced offerings

the mass market becoming accustomed to higher-quality, darker chocolates


shaky sale in North America

competitors’ expansion in FDM

  1. Issues

Short term:

Long term:

Bad sale results in the first half year of 2014

Discounted Godiva But's brand of slipping

Most expensive chocolate bars in the FDM channel

Failure to serve the U.S. mass premium market through FDM

Chinese growth

Lost ground of North America since 2008

Competitors’ expansion in FDM

slipping brand image

  1. Problem Statement

Chinese growth : Godiva had 51 retail locations and a huge e-commerce system in the vast China mainland. But there was a complete lack of standardization and logistics problems. One day you are serving 3 stores, then the next day you are serving 50 stores all over the place, thousands of miles away from each other, with a poor transportation infrastructure.

  1. Case Response

It’s very easy to solve the trouble in China. Let us take examples by Net-a-porter, famous luxury online shopping brand, cooperating with Alibaba. Since online shopping is very developed in China but Chinese are not used to open official site but Mobile app,creating an official site in taobao is a best way to enlarge market. By the way, taobao will solve the delivery problem for Godiva since it corporates with every delivery company and 1-day delivery is very mature and common to see in taobao and China.



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