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Red Rubber Ball Lab

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Problem: Can you catch more balls with both eyes open, only your left eye open, or only your right eye open?

Hypothesis: If both eyes are open, than you can catch more balls because you have a more accurate view of what direction the ball is going

IV: Which eye is open

DV: Ability to catch the ball

Constant: The ball, the distance



Eye patch



1. Measure out 300cm on the ground and place a piece of tape at each end point

2. The thrower stands at one endpoint, and the catcher stands at another

3. Throw the ball to the catcher with both of their eyes open

4. Repeat 10 times

5. Record data

6. Repeat steps 2, 3, 4, and 5 with catcher only having their right eye open, than with only their left eye open.

7. Repeat procedure 6 four times

8. Calculate the average of balls caught with each eye open

Trial Both Left Right

1 10 7 8

2 10 6 9

3 9 6 8

4 9 9 8

Average: 9.5 7 8.25

Conclusion: Can you catch more balls with both eyes open, only your left eye open, or only your right eye open? The hypothesis is correct. The most balls were caught when both eyes were open and the least balls were caught when only the left eye was open. The average of balls caught for both eyes open is 9.5 when the average for the right is 8.25 and for the left, its only 7. Your hand-eye coordination is best when both eyes are in use.

This lab could have had some validity issues because the balls being thrown didn't have a constant distance or height. If the ball is brighter it could be more easily seen. The strength the ball is thrown with and the size of the ball. It is also a possibility that noises in the room could have interfered with the validity of this experiment.



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