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Research and Information Utilization

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Essay Preview: Research and Information Utilization

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Research and Information Utilization

Michelle Brito


January 14, 2013

Robert Nethercott


In order to write a paper with accurate information student need to found reliable and validated source. Searching for them is a mission on its own but it can provide the student paper better accuracy and understanding. The paper demonstrates how different website and Magazine can be considering reliable and validated sources. It also exemplifies the understanding of how to research information on a school database and learning how to take your time with each information provided by the database for not all the information given can be used has a source of reference.

Research and Information Utilization

PART ONE: ASSESSING THE RELIABILITY AND VALIDITY OF SOURCES In the space provided in columns two and three of the following matrix, prepare a 50-100-word evaluation of both the reliability and validity of each of the sources listed in column one.


Wikipedia Wikipedia is not a reliable source. It is an online encyclopedia where that information can be added and changed by anyone. Many of the sources are not cited accurately or it only contains one source instead of multiple for the amount of information given on the paper. At time the sources given have nothing to do with the research information written on the page. It is not a validity source. The web site has no peer review and the information can be misleading. The web site is clear on the information but not necessarily accurate because anyone with internet connection can modify the page, which may cause problem if someone is bias on some of the information provided in Wikipedia and decide to change the information to fit their opinion.

American Psychological Association Web Site The APA (American Psychological Association) is a reliable source. It contains information written by many different scientists, psychologist and more. The website contains many copyrights and trademark. The website demonstrates that it poses both primary and secondary sources. Not everyone is permitted to post and remove information from the website. The APA (American Psychological Association) contains validity information. In order for information to be posted on the site author have to demonstrate credibility to their research. As many site the web site cannot always guarantee the information is error free and will be sufficient to every reader preference. The site does include peer reviewed and scholarly journal and article.

Arizona Department of Health Services Web Site Arizona Department of Health Services Web Site is a reliable website. The information are updated and checked for accuracy by the company. It is not scholarly article but a government base page to help people fill out the necessary paper work needed for the health. This website can be consider a primary source since it links the paper directly with the paper needed instead of going through personal. Arizona Department of Health Services Web Site is a valid website. The information provided in the website is accurate and up to date as quickly as possible. The web site is not a bias source. It displays direct information needed for a viewer to understand their different process and procedures. Cyber essay is a non-reliable source. The information is not guarantee to be accurate since the writers of the essay are regular people. When writing the essay many people can site the source wrongly or not cite them at all. Cyber essay does not contain peer reviewed articles or scholarly journals. This is a secondary source. Cyber essay is a non-valid source of information. The information may contain bias information since the essay is written by regular peoples. The essay is all self-written and can be based more on opinions then actual facts. Even though site demands credibility of sources it does not guarantee that each person who posts an essay is using credible source.

Time Magazine I believe Time Magazine is not reliable source because majority of their writer are not specialist on the subject. The article can easily be biases for we only get to read to story of the person they interview on the subject. Meaning the author don't always interview every party on the subject but who they believe it the most important



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