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Research on J.Co in Medan Fair

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Essay Preview: Research on J.Co in Medan Fair

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J.CO begin trading in the year of 2005 in Indonesia. It is owned by Indonesian people, Johnny Andrean. It first opened business in Jakarta and started to expand in the Java island. Now the J.CO business has opened up in Medan located at Sun Plaza and at Cambridge mall. J.CO that was owned by the Johnny Andrean Group has now offered the franchise to the franchisee for the investment more than IDR 1 billion. The franchise has already been spread to Malaysia and soon will be opened at Singapore.

As I want to generate more income, I would like to have J.CO franchise business to be opened in Plaza Medan Fair. Although the mall is considered to be a low-level income customer's mall, it does not matter because the market for the computer or the electronic products are being held at Medan Fair. We have one example that has the same situation that is Millennium Plaza that also considered into a low-level income customer's mall that has a McDonald.

SWOT Analysis:

* Strength

o The franchise is from Indonesia so it would be cheaper

o Many varieties in Donuts and beverages

o There is only Dunkin Donuts as competitor

* Weakness

o In Medan, there are only 2 stores

o In terms of beverages, Starbucks has penetrate the coffee market in Indonesia first

* Opportunities

o The franchise are being wanted in Asia

o Government is trying to suppress the cost of the ingredient from the producer

o Indonesia currency will be stronger, making the imported ingredient being cheaper

* Threats

o Electricity fares is going to increase

o Inflation is happening in Indonesia as the gasoline is going to be increase



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