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Rev Adesegun Bamidele Jayesimi

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Essay Preview: Rev Adesegun Bamidele Jayesimi

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The Background.

Rev Adesegun Bamidele Jayesimi was born at Baptist Hospital, Ogbomoso into the family of Rev L.O.C Jayesimi(Late) and Mrs Felicia Amope Jayesimi of Ijebu-Igbo,Ogun State.

He started his formal education at Pre-Religious Education Centre of Baptist Seminary, Ogbomoso. He went to Ijeru Baptist Primary School, Ogbomoso (1976). He went to Abusi Odumare Academy, Ijebu-Igbo for Secondary Education(1982). He went to Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomoso where he obtained Bachelor Of Theology(1988) and Master of Art in Theological Studies(2000).

He obtained Post Graduate Diploma in Education at University of Ibadan(1994). He also obtained Master of Education in Guidance and Counselling at University of Lagos(1996).

He further obtained Post Graduate Diploma in Ministry at Ministry Training Institute, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia(2003).

Family Life.

He is married to Rev Adenike Idowu Jayesimi nee Oredipe at First Baptist Church, Ijebu-Ode on July 13, 1991. Mrs Nike Jayesimi obtained Diploma in Theology, B.Ed & M.Ed in Guidance and Counselling. She is a great supporter of her husband Ministry.

The Lord blessed the family with loving Children. Oluwasegun, Boluwatife and Ibukun.

Pastoral Ministry.

Rev Segun Jayesimi began his pastoral ministry as Student pastor at Goldie & Moon Baptist Churches,Ogbomoso. Ayegun, Olorisa and Obidiran Baptist Churches at Ibadan.

Opete and Idi-Oro Baptist Churches, Ogbomoso. (1984-88).

He began full Time Ministry at College Baptist Church now Alma Rohm Baptist Church, Iwo (July 1988-October 1993). He became pastor of Mushin Baptist Church, Lagos on 1st of November, 1993.

Church Growth.

Mushin Baptist Church experienced balanced growth under the leadership of Rev Jayesimi. The Church had both Physical and Spiritual growth. He introduced Discipleship Training Programme of our Convention like Master Life, Experiencing God and so on. This increased the spiritual level of the Church Membership and interpersonal relationship within the Church family.

The Church experienced numerical growth in both Morning Services while the English enjoyed the influx of theYouths. The introduction of Committees like Membership, Counselling, Visitation and Cell Fellowship encouraged Church growth. He also encouraged prayer and thus allowed prayer groups with prayer bulletin.

He encouraged the use of Modern equipment to propagate the Gospel. This made the Church to purchase Public Address System, computers, Projector and Screen which are used in Bible Study and Worship Services.

Rev Segun Jayesimi encouraged Multi Staff Ministry and thus



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