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Romanticism - Realism - American Literature

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Essay Preview: Romanticism - Realism - American Literature

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American literature has had many forms over the years including romanticism and realism.Some of the greatest writers in American history such as Mark Twain and Edgar Allan Poe.Both writing techniques are used to provoke a certain type of feeling weather it be fear, laughter, or mystery.I personalty enjoy realism over romanticism because it is written in common vernacular and it deals with settings that actually exist.

A similarity between romanticism and realism is the setting, but they accomplish the same goals establish a mood. Romantics are surrounded by things that have been their for a long time and will continue to stay their for a long time such as a forest castle or a small town. On the other hand Realist's surroundings take a more prevalent role as the story progresses.for example "A mystery of Heroism" could have never happened any where other than the civil war or "the Raven" in the middle of the night inside of his "chamber".The setting is the thing that most jumps out to me when I am reading that is why i think it is very important aspect in any literature.

For a story to stick with me it has to have a strong central theme and the stories we have read have it.Realism tends to paint a picture of society it was written in. An example of the is when "the Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras Country" the people in the the man's story seem to be illiterate. They also teach life lessons and morals like patients and respect.Romanticism deals more with emotions, individualistic and the idea that we cant escape death. Gothic literature is about the embracing the darker part of the supernatural, Gothic is also about the gloomy shadow of death that hangs over all of us

Style to me lets me me separate into categories than mood settings or themes. Style is the make it or break it thing for me either the author will have an upbeat flare that keeps the story progressing or it will be mellow not give details and have the story skip around because I will be falling asleep. Romantic style has to do with feelings, it is also old fashion rhyming and the use of archaic and elaborate language. Realistic writing is ironic,funny, and uses local color and slang. They tend to ramble use exaggeration and analogies ."Rev. Leonides W. H'm,Reverend Lee well there war a feller here once by the name of Jim Smiley in the winter of '49 or maybe it was the the spring of '50." this exert from "Notorius Jumping Frog of Calaveras Country" a realistic story suggests that that this person did not have much formal education.

I personally like realism because it uses ordinary speech to express mundane things.Another thing i like about is is that the plot is developed with ordinary events and people. Both serve a specific role and that is why i enjoy both



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