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Romeo and Juliet Summary

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'Romeo and Juliet' is the movie which I watched recently in language class. This is one of the famous plays of Shakespeare's which finishes tragically at the end of the play. The main characters are Romeo and Juliet, of course. There are some characters also appear and each of them have their own personality, which makes the play more interesting. Now I'm going to talk about a bit long plot of this play. Firstly, Romeo's family and Juliet's family were mutual enemies. These two families always fight each other when they meet together. Romeo's family was Montague and Juliet's family was Capulet. However, one day in the evening, Romeo participated to Capulet's party to see his lover, Rosaline. But when Romeo first saw Juliet, he fell in love with Juliet at first sight. Though, they fell in love at first sight, they felt pitiful after they realized that they were enemies. However, Romeo came to Juliet's house at late evening and they shared a true love that transcends their situations. And finally, Friar Lawrence helped Romeo and Juliet in their plan to marry secretly. Nevertheless, a bad thing appeared again. Romeo's friend Mercutio was killed by Juliet's cousin, Tybalt. Then Romeo lost his control and killed Tybalt instantly. Therefore Romeo was sentenced to deportation from prince. After hearing this situation, Juliet and Romeo were inconsolable. Few days later, Romeo left and Juliet was still inconsolable but her father thought that Juliet was sad because she had lost her cousin. So he tried to make her marry with Parris. Juliet couldn't disobey to his father so she asked Friar Lawrence for a help. And he gave her a drug. If people drink it, then it makes them pretend to be dead for 2days. After drink this drug, she planned to leave with Romeo after her funeral. On the other side, Friar Lawrence sent Romeo a letter to tell him this situation. Unfortunately, there was a problem while the postman delivers the letter. Therefore Romeo never knew this situation. And he shocked when he heard Juliet's death. He felt really mournful then, he drank a poison and died. Few days later, Juliet finally woke up and she grieved when she saw Romeo found dead. Ultimately, she died herself instantly with her knife. Friar Lawrence had regretted and cried after realized this happening. He announced this situation to two families, Montague and Capulet. And finally they regretted their fault and felt themselves shameful.



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