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Romeo and Juliet Thesis Paper

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Essay Preview: Romeo and Juliet Thesis Paper

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"My only love sprung from my only hate, too early unknown and known too late" (Act 1 Scene iiiii 505). Juliet already knows how fatal this new love can truly be, yet she persists to search for Romeo and his love. Passion overcomes logic in every situation in this tragic love story and even those who are supposed to guide these young and restless lovers find themselves thinking with their hearts rather than their heads.

After hearing of Romeo's new love in Act 2 Scene iii, Friar Laurence says, "Thy love did read by rote and could not spell... For this alliance may so happy prove to turn your households' rancor to pure love" (518). Friar Laurence is a father figure to Romeo and he often only thought of Romeo's feelings and a way to reconcile the two houses, never leaving room for a flaw in his plan. He knows how madly in love and out of love Romeo can get, and rather than influencing Romeo to get over the enemies daughter, he does the exact opposite, agreeing to such foolish terms for his own purposes of reconciling the feuding houses. Friar thought using the love between two irrational teenagers could reconcile two battling houses, not fully considering all the effects this could have on the two lovers, their families, and himself. Friar Laurence continued to make plans for Romeo and Juliet, instigating a forbidden love, continuously thinking only with his heart and feeling with Romeo's, rather than showing him a way out of this crazy love. Knowing how utterly insane and illogical a lovesick Romeo can get, Friar should have known better than to even think of supporting such a dangerous love. A disastrous ending should have been expected from a banished, lovesick Romeo, and Friar should have thought of all possible outcomes before agreeing to a marriage desired by a senseless Romeo who had fallen madly in love with a girl who he only recently met, Juliet.

Friar Laurence told Romeo he had been banished from Verona after murdering Tybalt, in Act 3 Scene iii, after Romeo realizes he will no longer be able to see Juliet he replies, "There is no world without Verona walls, but Purgatory, torture, Hell itself... Thou cut'st my head off with a golden ax" (540). Romeo only thinks and feels with his heart, which leads him to make irrational thoughts and decisions. Romeo often thought of killing himself when no immediate solution was available to him, his crazy and absurd thoughts that always revolved around love, led him to make irrational choices without thinking, such as his last did. Romeo never thought with his head, never thought of the future, only of himself and how he can heal the pain automatically, only of how he can be with Juliet. Romeo only continuously thought of how to get Juliet, and when he couldn't, he thought there was no other way to handle the pain he felt, so he began to make irrational moves, only thinking with his heart. He made choices on the spot, life changing



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