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Safe to Display Fireworks

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When the fireworks inflammable and explosive materials in its production and sales, consumption and use, the slightest mistake prone to accidents. September 4, 1825, the British "pioneer magazine" records, Brock near the white church in London a factory explosion. There were 10 houses were severely damaged, more than 60 windows were shattered. Cause of the accident was due to workers in the production of fire due to friction, spark ignited a nearby black powder, fireworks exploded and caused the other, and finally burned the arsenal. Baoxiang huge deafening, a flash fire lit by a variety of air, continuous explosions frightening. In 1839, the UK exploded an underground workshop. As the spark of fire fell on the black powder on the table, causing an explosion near the barrel of powder, 3 casualties. Another time, someone stole the stars (Ryoko) with fire drying, suddenly issued a fire, then exploded, toppled a number of houses.

It is for the safety of fireworks, leading almost every pyrotechnic foreign countries, have appeared considerable resistance. Early on, the German government not allow anyone to production and sale of fireworks, the Spanish government has banned all fireworks sold in stores. Stressed the United States legislature, the state can enact laws to address this issue. As a result, twentieth century America, there has been such a situation: there are 19 states against all types of fireworks, including the New England states and New York. Another seven continents, including California, only allow the production and sale of "security and insurance" products, such as trailing flowers, candles, flowers, waterfalls, flowers, small wheels, spark rod, etc., but banning the production of an explosive ingredient of fireworks. Some of the remaining states, including Texas, then not too many restrictions on fireworks. These differences in legislation on fireworks, not out of the general public, that is out of law enforcement officials, but most people believe that law enforcement should be lenient. The law prohibiting fireworks in the development of a place in the folk festival, especially the July 4th Independence Day celebration activities, there is still a lot of fireworks, "smugglers", the habit of Jinerbuzhi fireworks, so that law enforcement policies without beam . On the contrary, in those who did not develop the local ban on fireworks laws for fireworks do have strict management, orderly government and the public happy.

In the UK, also because of fireworks accidents on people's lives and property caused great damage and will be closed down order. However, the mass of fireworks will need a lot of fireworks products, resulting in underground factories producing adventure; coupled with the implementation of stop order is to dismiss a lot of people, a large number of workers unemployed. In fact, from 1695 to 1860, the hundred and sixty years, illegal production



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